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Can you find out what each topping costs?

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In a pizza parlor, you have to pay a certain amount to add extra toppings. Now the price for toppings are given in a pair below. Can you find out what each topping costs?

Corn & Jalapeno $7
Mushrooms & Extra Cheese $6
Paprika & Tomatoes $2
Onion & Jalapeno $5
Green chilly & Paprika $4
Tomatoes & Onion $3
Extra Cheese & Paprika $5

Please note that the toppings are priced w.r.t. whole dollar increments (no fraction prices).

posted Oct 14, 2015 by Rahul Vaidya

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1 Answer

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Key: prices are w.r.t. whole dollar increments (no fraction prices).
Paprika & Tomatoes $2 ---> Paprika $1 and Tomatoes $1
Green chilly & Paprika $4 ---> Green Chilly $3
Tomatoes & Onion $3 ---> Onion $2
Onion & Jalapeno $5 ---> Japaleno $3
Corn & Jalapeno $7 ---> Corn $4
Extra Cheese & Paprika $5 ---> Extra Cheese $4
Mushrooms & Extra Cheese $6 ----> Mushroom $2

answer Oct 16, 2015 by Parlin Simanjuntak

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Pete'sa Pete lists prices for his extra toppings in pairs. How much does each topping cost by itself? Each price is whole-dollar increments.

Pineapple & Hot Peppers $7
Broccoli & Extra Cheese $6
Mushrooms & Onions $2
Black Olives & Hot Peppers $5
Pepperoni & Mushrooms $4
Onions & Black Olives $3
Extra Cheese & Mushrooms $5

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