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Go through details and find out which child lives in which house and bought which ice-cream flavor with which topping.

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A small town is visited by an ice-cream truck every day. On the first day of February, the truck visits as usual and 5 children, one from each of the first 5 houses on the street buys an ice cream that is of the different flavor from each other along with a completely different topping.

Go through the details below and find out which child lives in which house and bought which ice-cream flavor with which topping:

  1. Jim lives between the child who bought the Raspberry topping and the child who bought mango ice cream.

  2. Joyce, whose house has an even number, bought the cherry topping. Nancy does not live next to Joyce.

  3. The blackcurrant ice cream had no topping.

  4. The child who lives in house number 2 had the butterscotch ice cream. The child in house number 3 did not have chocolate ice cream.

  5. Mike had banana ice cream. He hates banana cherry.

  6. The child who had the cashew topping lives in house number 5. Dustin does not live in house number 4.

Please note that the odd numbered houses and the even numbered houses are located on the exactly opposite sides of the street.

posted Jan 29, 2019 by Anamika

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1 Answer

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Jim lives in house number 3 and bought blackcurrant ice cream with no topping.
Dustin-- house number 2 -- butterscotch ice cream with the banana cherry.
Nancy-- house number 5 -- mango ice cream with cashew.
Joyce -- house number 4 -- chocolate ice cream with the cherry.
Mike- house number 1 -- banana ice cream with raspberry.

answer Jan 30, 2019 by Hanifa Mammadov

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