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Death (Part 2) : What Happens After

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In my previous article we have seen how painful is the process of Death. Now, in this article I will be explaning about the way to YAMALOKA.

The size of the soul which is pulled out of the body has been described as the size of a Thumb. Which means, The man of the size of a thumb, crying out 'oh, oh,' is dragged from the body by the servants of Yama, looking the while at his own body. 

The messengers of Yama threaten the soul by saying"Hurry up you wicked man, you will be soon led to various hells."  Then hearing these words, and the cry of his relatives, he is beaten badly by the servants of Yama. The soul is then forcefully lead to a long way in the same way as a King's officer lead a convict.

With the treats of the  messengers of Yama, the soul starts to remember all his/her  misdeeds.

Hungry and thirsty, getting almost roasted in sun, falling here and there exhausted, being beaten by the messengers of Yama, painfully he walks and reaches YAMALOKA.

Having seen the Yama, by the command of Yama, the soul is again brought back swiftly to earth near his relatives. The soul after seeing its body tries to go back into it but is held back by Mesengers of Yama.

Yes, we have heard many times from people that the soul tries to attack people. Actually, it desires a body, and usually it desires for its own, but after cremation, till 13 days the body of the son of the dead is more prone to be acquired by the soul.

Now, there is something very special, ashtonishing, crucial in these 13 days. These 13 days aka TERAHVIN (Thirteenth) has its own importance. I will be explaining this in the next article !

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posted Sep 25, 2016 by Pankaj Maurya

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Death is a universal truth. No one can escape it. Whosoever takes birth on Earth, has to die one day and that is why Earth is also Known as "MrityuLok" or the Planet of Death. 

Our Hindu Scriptures are great, Our Vedas and Puranas have so much to read that I guess our one life isnt Sufficient for it. 

Now, coming back to the topic I would like to tell about"Garudapurana". Garudapurana is one of the 18 Puranas that we have, which is basically based in the conversation between Lord Vishnu and his Vaahan, who is the PAKSHIRAAJ GARUD, or the King Of Birds. 

One day Garuda asked Lord Vishnu, "Oh Lord please tell me what happens after the death of people ?" 

Lord Vishnu replied "Oh Garuda, the king of birds, I will not Only tell what happens after death, I will also tell you how a person dies. 

Sequence followed while death :

1. When a person grows old, he becomes like a dog, he sits anywhere, he sleeps anywhere, he says whatever he likes as a dog barks without any reason, he will eat whatever you feed him, he will make his place messy and dirty like a dog does. 

2.When a person is just about to die, a few minutes before dying he gets DIVYA-DRISHTI and he becomes able to see what we cant see with our naked eyes. He then sees the Two messengers knows as YAMADOOT whm we cant see, but only the person who is about to die can see them. Having received DIVYADRISHTI, just before dying, the person's whole life gets replayed in front of him starting from his birth. One by one All the incidents keep coming in front of the eyes of the dying person and that is the reason the dying person stops reacting to the nearby activites, even if someone tries to touch him or calls his name, the dying person wont react to it.

3.Since, the dying person gets DIVYADRISHTI and is able to see the Two YAMADOOTs, gets scared to such an extent that he loses control over his body. The YAMADOOTs look very scary, with extremely dark face and body, long nose and Long sharp nails, their eyes are so red and damn scary. Watching such a form of YAMADOOTs the dying person loses control over his body and even sometimes he urinates and excrets at the same place or bed due to the fear. 

4.Now, the YAMDOOTs come near the dying person and put a noose inside the body and try to pull the soul out of it.

5. The body resists to let the soul go out of it. But YAMDOOTs keep pulling it out, it happens for few seconds. What I am going to tell you now is more scary, when the soul is being pulled out of the body, the dying person feels intense pain. The pain experienced by the dying person when the soul is being pulled out of the body is equal to 100 scorpions stinging you at the same time. Now we can get an idea how painful is the process of death.

6. Ultimately the soul is pulled out of the body and the body temperature goes down, the body weight decreases by 21 grams and it becomes stiff. Friends, this was the process before, during and after death.

In my Future articles I will write about "What happens after Death" and the Travel path of the soul to the YAMALOKA.

Hope you will like the article, please like and share if you find it interesting ! :) Loads of love to you all !

Jai Hind !


Good music can give anyone chills and goosebumps. But have you ever wondered why it happens and why your body and mind reacts differently to certain types of music you listen? There is a lot of science behind it. It also gives an interesting insight into the kind of person you are. Scientists at the University of Southern California tested the brain scans of 20 students, half of them were pr music lovers and half of them didn’t have that much interest in music at all. After the research, they came to an interesting conclusion that all music lovers must know.

If you get goosebumps while listening to music, this is what it means. Take a look!

The research was done on 20 students. Half of them didn’t feel anything but half of them felt something in the brain.

People who made an emotional connect after listening to music, they had a different structure than the people who didn’t connect with the music.

It was found that people who get goosebumps while listening to music are more sensitive and emotional.

Certain memories are linked with a song and this is another reason why music gives you chills.

Music can also be one of the best therapies for fighting depression as it gives you a chance to explore other things than focusing on your worries.

Music is also a natural care for anxiety and worries. It keeps your tension away. Your brain functions differently when you listen to music.

The brain scan also showed that when you listen to music it also gives you energy.

Some selected music will give you more energy than usual. I’m sure you would agree with it.

If you have issues with high blood pressure, anxiety or heartbeats, music can actually help you.

It is also said that listening to certain music can actually help in controlling a person’s blood pressure.

Interesting, right? Do share this fact with your friends who are music lovers.





Hello Everyone ! I hope you all have found my previous articles interesting about Death.

In previous article I have written about the importance of the 13 critical days after death. Now, in this part we will read about the Various Hells and Punishments given to the dead in hell(s).

Well, After the decision has been taken by Yama, for which hell the dead will be thrown into. The dead is sent to that particular dreadful hell.

I must mention here that there are 84,00,000 of hells, out of which the following 21 are dreadful among the most dreadful.

The names of these hells are :

1. Tamisra - Darkness

2. Lauhashanku - Iron spears

3. Maharauravashalmali - Very terrible silk Cotton tree.

4. Raurava - Terrible

5. Kalasutraka - Blossoming

6. Putimrittika - Stinking Clay

7. Sanghata - The thread of death

8. Lohitoda - Iron weights

9. Savisha - Poisonous

10. Sampratapana - Burning

11. Mahaniraya - The great exit

12. Kaka - Crows

13. Ulu - Owls

14. Sanjivana - Living together

15. Mahapathin - The great path

16. Avichi - Waveless

17. Andhatamishra - Besetting Darkness

18. Kumbhipaka - Based like a pot

19. Sampratapana - Burning

20. Tapana - Hot

21. Kudmala - Accumulation

The sinful fools, who fall into these experience the various torments of these hells till ages.





 *The torments and punishments described in the Garuda Purana are so terrifying that if you read this book in young age, you will even stop killing a mosquito*

One example of such a torment is here :

The very sinful man who sets fire to a house, a village or wood is captured by the messengers of Yama and baked in pits of fire.

When his limbs are burnt with fire, he begs for shady place, and then is led by the messengers into a forest of sword-like leaves.

When his limbs are cut by its leaves, sharp as swords, then the messengers say, " Ah, Ha ! Sleep comfortably in this cool shade."

When efflicted with thirst, he begs for water to drink, then the messeners give him boiling oil to drink.

Then they say, "Drink this liquid and eat this food." As soon as he drinks it, he falls down, burning inside.

Getting up again somwhow, he wails piteously. Powerless and breathless, he is unable even to speak.

The Garuda Purana contains a huge quantum of such Punishments and torments which a sinful soul has to go through.

In my next article I will be writing about 'Re-birth'.

Also, what sins lead to re-birth in what forms of lives. Hope you must have found it interesting. Please do upvote and comment to support me spreading the word of our Holy Books !

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Thanks a ton !


Hello Everyone !

In my previous article I have written about torments and punishments one has to go through in hell.

In this Part I will write about the Signs of Sin(s) in the present life-forms of an Individual/animal.

Hinduism has the concept of Rebirth. According to Hinduism there are 84 Lacs of Life forms. We, human beings are one of them.

Whichever life form in which we are today, is the result of our Previous Birth (Previous life form),  similary whatever our deeds are in this birth, will decide our next birth or Life form.


Following are a few examples of what sin causes what, or the sins of the sin(s) that someone must have committed in his past life.

1. Who strikes a cow with his legs becomes lame and deformed.

2. Who bears false witness becomes dumb.

3. Who steals a book becomes blind.

4. Who commits illicit  intercourse becomes a eunuch.

5. Who speaks lies becomes a stammerer, who listens to them becomes deaf.

6. Who sells flesh becomes unlucky, who eats it becomes deseased.

7. Who steals jewels is born poor, who steals gold gets deseased nails.

8. Who steals food becomes a rat, who steals grains becomes a locust, who steals water becomes CHAATAK           BIRD (A bird fables to only live upon rain water).

9. Who steals poison becomes a scorpion.

10. Who steals vegetables and leaves becomes a Peacock; purfumes, a musk-rat; flesh, a vulture and salt, an ant.

11. Who steals betel, fruits and flower becomes a forest monkey; who steals shoes, cotton and grass, is born from the womb of a sheep.

12. Who lives by violence, robs and is fond of Hunting is certainly born as a Goat in Butcher's house.

13. Who dies by drinking poison becomes a black serpent on a mountain.

14. Who eat all foods without consideration becomes a tiger in a desolate forest.

15. The Brahmin who does not recite the Gayatri Mantra, who does nont meditate at twilight, who is inwardly wicked while outwardly pious, cirtainly becomes a Crane.

16. Thw pupil who does not serve his teacher becomes an animal - an ass or a cow.

17. Who deceives a friend becomes a mountain Vulture; who cheats in selling an owl.

18. Who destroy hopes and who destroys affection, who through dislike abandons his wife, becomes a ruddy Goose for a long time.

19. Who hates mother, father and teacher, who quarrels with sister and brother is destroyed when an embryo in           womb, even for thousand births.

20. The woman who abuses her mother and father-in-law, who causes constant quarrels becomes a Leech.

21. She, who scolds her husband becomes a Louse.

22. Who abandoning her own husband, runs after another man becomes a flying fox, a house Lizard or a kind of Female Serpent.

23. He who cuts of his lineage by emracing a woman of his own family, having become a hyena and a porcupine is born later fromthe womb of a bear.

24. Who consorts with an immature girl becomes a huge Snake in wood.

25. Who covets his teachers wife becomes a Chameleon; who goes with a friends wife, a donkey.

26. The murderer of a Brahmin goes into the womb of an ass, camel and she-buffalo. A drinker of intoxicants               enters the womb of a wolf, dog and a jackal.

Well, these are just a few examples, our Garuda Purana gives a detailed description of Signs of Sin(s).


Hence, its proved here that once we get life in the form of Human Beings, we must not commit sin or else the results will be as describes above :-(


Hope you all have loved this one too !

I will be back with some more amazing stuff from our Hindu Scriptures !

Thanks for reading and please do upvote and comment !

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