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What Happens To Our Brain When Music Gives Goosebumps? Read What It Reveals About You.

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Good music can give anyone chills and goosebumps. But have you ever wondered why it happens and why your body and mind reacts differently to certain types of music you listen? There is a lot of science behind it. It also gives an interesting insight into the kind of person you are. Scientists at the University of Southern California tested the brain scans of 20 students, half of them were pr music lovers and half of them didn’t have that much interest in music at all. After the research, they came to an interesting conclusion that all music lovers must know.

If you get goosebumps while listening to music, this is what it means. Take a look!

The research was done on 20 students. Half of them didn’t feel anything but half of them felt something in the brain.

People who made an emotional connect after listening to music, they had a different structure than the people who didn’t connect with the music.

It was found that people who get goosebumps while listening to music are more sensitive and emotional.

Certain memories are linked with a song and this is another reason why music gives you chills.

Music can also be one of the best therapies for fighting depression as it gives you a chance to explore other things than focusing on your worries.

Music is also a natural care for anxiety and worries. It keeps your tension away. Your brain functions differently when you listen to music.

The brain scan also showed that when you listen to music it also gives you energy.

Some selected music will give you more energy than usual. I’m sure you would agree with it.

If you have issues with high blood pressure, anxiety or heartbeats, music can actually help you.

It is also said that listening to certain music can actually help in controlling a person’s blood pressure.

Interesting, right? Do share this fact with your friends who are music lovers.


posted May 8, 2019 by Ananya Saha

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