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Seven Ways To Be More Productive And Efficient At Work

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Everyone would like to increase their productivity at the workplace in a fun, creative and exciting way, and there are various ways of doing that. If you want to take your productivity further and make the best out of the hours spent at work each day, then the following tips will surely come in handy.

1. Invest in Movable Furniture 

One of the most exciting and creative ways to ensure productivity at the workplace is to opt for movable furniture. This type of furniture is particularly useful for large offices with plenty of space to move around. Not only is movable furniture a great way to improve your productivity, but it’s also one of the most efficient measures you can take to promote collaboration, especially if you’re known to be an introvert. It often happens that teamwork is vital for the success and performance of the organization you work for – besides, your superiors will surely appreciate team effort. Movable desks and cabinets are cost-effective and versatile, since you can adapt them to the requirements of each user. You can turn your office into a more personal, custom space where you can truly feel at home.

2. Switch to Modern Tools

Another great way to increase productivity and get your work done without interruptions is replacing outdated tools and equipment with new and modern gadgets. State-of-the-art computers and electronic equipment and devices can truly get work done quicker and easier. Depending on your specific work needs, you may want to get the latest smartphone or a tablet that is easier to carry around than a laptop. Many of these devices even feature GPS technology, which can be very useful if you travel a lot for work.

3. Stay Motivated With Success Stories​

One of the most common obstacles to productivity Beyond Business 7 Everyone would like to increase their productivity at the workplace in a fun, creative and exciting way, and there are various ways of doing that. If you want to take your productivity further and make the best out of the hours spent at work each day, then the following tips will surely come in handy. Industrial Spectrum August 2014 17 Source: Lifespan Beyond Business at work is simply a lack of determination and ambition. We all lack motivation from time to time, and this can prevent us from meeting deadlines. One of the greatest ways to improve productivity is to collect and display business success stories. Have a small ‘shrine’ dedicated to the living legends of the business you are working in – whenever ‘interruptions’ kick in, just look at them and remember that it takes a lot of hard work to make a name and a future for yourself.

4. Consider Working Outside the Office 

Sometimes you just lose your focus at work. This is a common issue nowadays, and it is often related to boredom and routine. There is little more counterproductive for an employee than boring routine at the workplace. One of the most innovative and efficient ways to drive productivity is by choosing a day of the week when you can work from your favorite coffee shop or even from home. An-ever increasing number of companies and organizations are implementing this policy and are allowing their staff to work from outside the office more. Most of them find it better to work from the comfort of home, where it’s often easier to avoid unwanted interruptions. However, it doesn’t need to be your home; you can choose to work from virtually anywhere – just be productive.

5. Avoid Assigned Seating 

Assigned seating can also affect your work, sits it helps routine sink in. Why not simply allow employees to sit wherever they want, wherever they feel the most collaborative and productive? This is undoubtedly one of the most efficient and modern ways to improve productivity at the workplace. Flexible seating arrangements also encourage communication and can lead to new social connections. Some employees may be more comfortable working in a corner, while others may want to work in the middle of the room, or even on the floor.

6. New Skills Boost Professional Engagement​

Another common reason why people are not productive or focused enough at their workplace is because they stick to the same old set of skills, and eventually become less engaged. Why not try something new for a change? Enriching your knowledge and improving your skills can be to your advantage and your company’s, not to mention that it will enable you to better handle more than one task at a time. You can expand your set of skills with creative training sessions or workshops – not only will it allow you to do your current job better, but it will look great to potential future employers, too.

7. Stay Energetic​

Have you ever had to simply stop what you were doing because you felt your energy was drained, or you were just too sleepy to go on? If so, then you can avoid these interruptions to your productivity by doing some simple exercises in the office. This will boost your energy level, improve your creativity and give you greater focus on your work. You can enjoy some physical exercise or practice relaxation techniques during your lunch break, or in between tasks or meetings. You can also enjoy a variety of mind games that will keep your mind sharp and focused, and even improve your memory in the long run.

These are seven simple but efficient ways to get your work done faster and more efficiently. Whether you opt for alternative seating, movable furniture or brain exercises, you will surely notice an increase in your work productivity! Being goal-oriented and focused on your work has never been easier or more pleasant, thanks to innovative ideas like those described here. 

To conclude, these are seven simple and efficient ways to get your work done by avoiding all the bothersome, common interruptions. No matter if you opt for alternative seating, movable furniture or brain exercises, you will surely notice a significant increase in your work productivity! Being focused on your work and goal-oriented has never been easier or more pleasant, thanks to these innovative and creative tips.

posted Sep 22, 2016 by Anita Yadav

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The brain is the human supercomputer with infinite possibilities. It’s the brain that differentiates humans from all other animals. Despite the common belief that intelligence is a genetic phenomenon, studies have shown that this isn’t true. The brain is a continuously evolving organ, and it is always a work in progress – it keeps revising or remodeling, improving or declining, depending on how we use it. Just like with a muscle, if the brain is properly exercised, anyone can boost their intelligence level significantly, at any age. But if you let your brain remain idle, it is bound to lose its sharpness. Here are a few ways to make your brain work better

Exercise Regularly 

As we age, the birth of new brain cells becomes slower, and our brain tissue shrinks in size. However, regular exercises can reverse this age-related decline. Studies show that regular exercise – especially cardiovascular exercise – boosts the blood flow to your brain, which helps deliver much-needed oxygen to brain cells (the brain consumes nearly 20% of the oxygen in our body). Studies have shown that people see a significant increase in brain volume if they exercise regularly.


With today’s hectic lifestyle – which often involves juggling time between office, work, home and kids – there is very little time left for mind relaxation. Your mind is always crowded with various thoughts and worries, which definitely affects your thinking ability and other brain functions. Meditation is one of the oldest ways to rejuvenate your mind and enhance your cognitive functions. The practice of meditation involves quiet, focused breathing exercises where your mind is free from other activities and thoughts. With regular practice, meditation allows your mind to reach a deeply calm state, which in turn improves other brain functions, such as attention span, memory and focus. Not surprisingly, some of the leading corporate organizations now offer meditation classes for their employees.

Eat Fish

If you don’t eat fish regularly, it may be a good idea to include some in your regular diet – at least twice a week. If you do not like eating fish, or if you are a vegan, then you can opt for a fish oil supplement instead. A study on teenagers in Sweden indicated that eating fish increased the verbal and visuospatial intelligence of the subjects by more than 10%. While the exact mechanism of how eating fish improves brain health is unknown, some believe that, like exercise, it helps increase blood flow to the brain.

Fight Inflammation 

Inflammation could be the result of your body fighting toxins, infections, chemicals or free radicals. Studies have shown that inflammation of any kind tends to have a negative impact on mental performance. Researchers have found that inflammation is consistently linked to lower standard intelligence levels. Thus, for keeping your brain sharp, it is important to fight inflammation. Foods such as omega 3 and various antioxidants help in fighting inflammation.

Exercise Your Brain 

Like the rest of your body, your brain needs regular exercise to stay healthy and fit. Brain-strengthening or mind-improvement exercises can invigorate your brain and enhance its functions. Crossword puzzles and other word-based games, Sudoku, math word problems and number-based ‘brain teasers’ are some of the ways to improve your brain efficiency. Such mind-building games help in developing problem-solving abilities and mental determination. They are a fun way to enhance brain power. 

Experiment With a New Hobby or Skill 

A good way to energize the brain is to take it out of its ‘comfort zone,’ by trying out new skills or hobbies. It does not matter what new skill you decide to take up – for example, learning a new language, playing a musical instrument, carpentry projects, etc. When your brain is trying new things, it creates new neurons. Moreover, studies have shown that mastering new skills also helps in improving memory and cognitive functions.


Many of us encounter troubles when attempting to fall asleep on a nightly basis. Without a great nights sleep we could face various obstacles throughout the following day. There could be a number of different reasons why we are unable to fall asleep at night. 

Though it may be difficult to pin point exactly what is keeping you awake, here are a few possible reasons.

  • Messy bedroom
  • Naps throughout the day
  • Skipping breakfast
  • Dreading the wakeup

These are just a few of the possible reasons that you are lacking in the sleep department. With this being said, there are still various ways to fall asleep quicker at night even if you don’t fall under these categories. Five different ways to fall asleep quicker at night include:

1. Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Upon visiting a doctor modern day due to your insomnia, he/she will likely recommend you try Progressive Muscle Relaxation, which is a muscle therapy that originated in the 1920s. This relaxation technique involves tightening and tense all the muscle groups that you can, and then relax them. By doing so repeatedly, we are able to promote physical relaxation, which will also provide beneficial results in our day to day activities. Progressive Muscle Relaxation provides you with:

  • Less tension within your muscles
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Decrease levels of anxiety
  • Overall lower levels of fatigue

Through doing this exercise nightly, you are physically relaxing yourself, as well as calming your mind.

2. Mindless Activity

“Good Sleepers just go to bed. They don’t get worked up about it, and sleep happens” – Jack Edinger

The most common cause of insomnia is the idea of stress. Whether it is due to a hectic day or a stressful home environment, we need to keep our minds off these topics. Mindless Activities such as; counting sheep, chronologically retracing your day, or reenacting a dream you had the other night.

Doing a repetitive task can be tiring and sounds boring right? That’s the point! By going through these mindless tasks we are keeping our minds off the stress and boring ourselves to the point of exhaustion.Trycounting sheep jumping through a burning hula-hoop, or reenacting your favorite scene from Macbeth.

3. Don’t use your Mobile as an Alarm

We’ve all done it, most of it still doing it on a nightly basis. The truth is, using our mobile phones as an alarm clock is in fact depriving us from sleep. Most of us are keen to have our devices on us at all times, whether we are exchanging texts or sending and receiving emails. By keeping our mobile devices within reach at night, we are keeping our minds and muscles engaged. Due to the engagement right before bed, you will find yourself taking longer to fall asleep. Sleep is all about relaxation and while we all would like to remain involved, those messages throughout the night are subconsciously waking us up in an action known as “arousal”. This is the process of the mind awakening without the body and in most cases we are completely unaware of it the next day.

4. Practice Deeper / Relaxing Breathing

Hand in hand with Progressive Muscle Relaxation is Deep Breathing Relaxation. This is a relaxation technique that everyone is capable of, and can prove to be beneficial if used properly. By following the steps provided below, you will not only relax your body, but find it falling into synchrony.

Deep Breathing Relaxation can be accomplished by following these steps:

  • Lie in a comfortable position
  • Slow relax different in body parts in sequence
  • Begin inhaling through your nose
  • Hold your breath for 1 – 2 seconds
  • Relax and let the air out
  • Repeat steps 4 and 5
  • Continue as long as necessary

If you find yourself getting dizzy or nauseous, slow down or discontinue routine.

5. Listen to Soothing Sounds

Our bodies are more apt for sounds when we are conscious trying to fall asleep, rather then when we are dozed off. If your sleeping problem is due to excessive background noise, you may find peace by listening to soothing background music. There are various different sounds that you may ease in, including:

  • Embrace Nature: Thunderstorms, Forests, or Ocean Waves, any sound related to nature are less likely to annoy us because they fluctuate in amplitude.
  • Play Recreational MusicWhen all we can think about is the stresses that surround us, sometimes the best cure to fall asleep is our favorite tune.
  • Get Personal: Listening to someone provide specific instructions or a speech may provide us with boredom enough to fall asleep.

Once you find the routine that best helps you fall asleep, you should follow it consistently. Once our bodies are trained to follow our sleep habits, we will find ourselves falling asleep quicker. By obtaining better sleep habits, we will find our overall wellness improving.

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