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Who is known as 'Napolean of India'?

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Who is known as 'Napolean of India'?
posted Apr 22, 2016 by Farhan

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Napoleon of India can refer to the following individuals:

Samudragupta (335 CE–375 CE)
Hemu (1501-56), the "Napoleon of Medieval India"
Yashwantrao Holkar (1776-1811)
General Zorawar Singh (1786-1841), the "Little Napoleon of India"

1 Answer

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Samudragupta (335-375 AD) of the Gupta dynasty is known as the Napoleon of India. Historian A V Smith called him so because of his great military conquests known from the 'Prayag Prashati' written by his courtier and poet Harisena, who also describes him as the hero of a hundred battles.

answer Apr 22, 2016 by Shivaranjini