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What is Textaphrenia? How It may cause?

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What is Textaphrenia? How It may cause?
posted Feb 2, 2016 by Atindra Kumar Nath

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2 Answers

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Thinking that you have heard a text message tone or vibration but there is no message in actual.
This is a mental disease.

Check this article == >

answer Feb 2, 2016 by Nway Nadar
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Textaphrenia is a type of disorder linked to those who are addicted to texting. For those who are often glued to their cell phone and keep on texting away, keep in mind that, just like radiation that comes from mobile phones, texting constantly can also affect your state of mind.

A study that was recently conducted in Melbourne showed some alarming results. The study was done to determine the habits of the younger generation when it comes to communication and they discovered that those who text excessively are at a risk of insecurity, poor self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and repetitive thumb syndrome...

answer Feb 15, 2016 by Gunjan Saraswat