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In which union territory of India, would you meet the people of the Onge tribe ?

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In which union territory of India, would you meet the people of the Onge tribe ?
posted Jul 20, 2015 by Mohammad

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1 Answer

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Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The Onge are one of the Andamanese indigenous peoples of the Andaman Islands. Traditionally hunter-gatherers and are not aware of agriculture.That they are an ancient people is evident, as already indicated from the presence of calcified shells at the base of their kitchen-middens. The Onge eat mostly natural food in which the island abounds. They are very fond of jackfruit, Yam, pandanus ect. They catch mollusks, Crustacea, lobsters, crayfish and crabs even some kind of hermit crab. They eat cicada too. They collect the pupae which are supposed to be a great Threat. It is noteworthy that in the indigenous diet items of the Onge menu - birds, crocodiles, lizards, jungle cats, bats, rats and snakes are not included because they harbor spirit of dead or malevolent spirits, as per Onge beliefs.

In the 18th century the Onge were distributed across Little Andaman Island and the nearby islands, with some territory and camps established on Rutland Island and the southern tip of South Andaman Island. Onge population numbers were substantially reduced in the aftermath of colonization and settlement. In 1901, there were 672; in 1911, 631; in 1921, 346; in 1931, 250; in 1951 (close to Indian independence), 150.

answer Jul 27, 2015 by Manikandan J