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Why have various campaigns been launched from 2017 onwards to rename the Margaret Court Arena in Australia?

+1 vote

Why have various campaigns been launched from 2017 onwards to rename the Margaret Court Arena in Australia, presently named after Australia's one-time tennis No.1?

posted Jul 19 by Amarvansh

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1 Answer

0 votes

Court's frequent public condemnation of gender diversity
Court holds the record of 24 major singles titles, unmatched (as at 2020) since she retired in 1976. She won 66 Grand Slam championships, more than any other woman, and in 1970 became the second woman to win the Grand Slam of tennis singles: Wimbledon, the U.S. Open, the Australian Open, and the French Open titles in the same year. She is the only player to have achieved the Grand Slam in doubles as well as singles, winning the four events with fellow Australian Kenneth Fletcher in 1963. However, since retiring she has been consistent in Bible-based and public condemnation of transgender possibilities, homosexuality, LGBTQ, and same-sex marriage. Evonne Goolagong Arena has been suggested as a more appropriate name for the court instead.

answer Jul 20 by Pankaj Deshmukh
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