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Any vasthu shastra tips for Shravan month?

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Any vasthu shastra tips for Shravan month?
posted Jul 24, 2019 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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  1. Energize the East direction
    We should energize the East corner of the house by keeping any water symbol like the fountain to get good luck. Freshwater flowing in the east will bring good luck and enable a person to become active and participate to make good decisions to achieve his or her goals in life easily.
  2. Worship Tulsi plant
    This is the ideal month to nurture and grow the Tulsi plant in the North corner of our home for bringing happiness and blessings. Worshipping Tulsi plant by unmarried girls during Shravan month will be blessed with a good husband.
  3. Wear Rudraksha:
    During the month of Shravan, one should wear a Rudraksha mala which is considered very auspicious. This will protect against planetary ill-effects in one’s birth chart. Not only that doing Japa or chanting mantra with Rudraksha mala will give immense peace and harmony.
  4. Pooja rituals:
    It is believed that by doing Pooja rituals and fasting during Shravan month will eliminate all bad karmic debts. It will also help one to improve and stabilize the spiritual life. By offering cold milk, water and ‘bilva patra’ leaves (i.e 3 leaves that signify Trinity Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahadev) along with curd and honey to Shiv Linga on every Mondays will benefit with peace and prosperity.
answer Jul 25, 2019 by anonymous