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16 Shocking Facts That Will Turn Your World Upside Down

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The world around us is amazing and diverse. Sure, it’s impossible to know everything about it, but some things are so obvious that we should feel slightly ashamed of not knowing them.

Bright Side has gathered some elementary facts that can come in useful in life. They absolutely deserve to be more widely known.

16. Frankenstein is the scientist’s name, not the monster’s.

  • What we think: Frankenstein — a character of novels, films, and stage productions — is a monster risen from the dead.
  • Reality: In the novel Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley, Victor Frankenstein is a student who created a living being out of nonliving matter. The creature turns out to be a monster. However, he didn’t have any name in the original book, and so "Frankenstein’s monster" would be his correct appellation.

15. Hypothermia isn’t what causes colds.



  • What we think: You catch a cold if you’ve been exposed to low temperatures for too long.
  • Reality: What we call the "common cold" is a viral infection. That means it’s caused by a virus — not the weather — transmitted from a sick person to a healthy one. Cold weather, however, can be favorable for the virus: according to research, low temperatures lead to a sharp decrease of antiviral signals produced by the immune system. But if the virus doesn’t enter your body, cold weather definitely won’t give you a cold.

14. The expression "Third World countries" doesn’t have anything to do with poverty and underdevelopment.


  • What we think: The term “Third World“ refers to poor developing countries.
  • Reality: After World War II, the world split into 3 large geopolitical blocs. The bloc of democratic countries within the American sphere of influence became known as the ”First World“; the Eastern bloc of socialist states was the “Second World.” The remaining countries not aligned with either of the 2 were regarded as the ”Third World."

13. Chameleons don’t change color to blend into their surroundings.

  • What we think: Chameleons change their color when in danger to blend in with surrounding objects, becoming invisible.
  • Reality: This animal’s skin color change is caused by its emotional and physiological state. It is also an original way of communicating with their kind. Light and temperature also play a part in how chameleons look.

12. Deodorant and antiperspirant aren’t the same thing.


  • What we think: “Deodorant“ and ”antiperspirant" are synonyms. They act in the same way and have the same purpose.
  • Reality: Our sweat doesn’t have a scent of its own. It only smells because of the bacteria that live on our skin. Antiperspirants are made to deal with the sweat, while deodorants only fight the smell. Deodorant is classified as a cosmetic product, whereas antiperspirant is considered a drug since it alters the function of the skin for a while, suppressing the flow of sweat.

11. Ducks mustn’t be fed with bread.



  • What we think: It’s so nice to sit on the riverbank on a fine, sunny day and feed the ducks with bread crumbs.
  • Reality: This food is unhealthy and even dangerous for ducks. Birds like the taste of bread, but it doesn’t have any nutritional value for them. They stuff their stomachs full of crumbs, leaving no room for something actually beneficial. This diet causes a wing deformity known as “angel wing“ or ”airplane wing."

10. Each of us has perfect 6-pack abs.


  • What we think: By doing ab exercises, I can get a perfect 6-pack stomach.
  • Reality: Each of us has abs. The problem is that they are hidden under a layer of fat. And you won’t get rid of that fat by doing sit-ups — you need a diet and cardio.

9. The small bumps on the F and J buttons are there to help you find the optimum typing position.



  • What we think: What are these ridges on the F and J keys for? Perhaps to help blind people type?
  • Reality: When we type, our fingers cover the buttons A, S, D, and F (left hand) and J, K, and L (right hand). The ridges serve to help you place your hands correctly without looking at the keyboard: the F and J are the keys where your index fingers should sit.

8. Fish shouldn’t be kept in round tanks.


  • What we think: A round aquarium with a goldfish is an excellent decoration for a house, and they can often be seen in movies and cartoons.
  • Reality: Bowls are extremely harmful. For one, they don’t have enough room for a filter, and the water in an aquarium quickly gets dirty. In addition, changing the water daily is very stressful for the fish. There’s no room for a heater either, hence large temperature fluctuations. The area of the water surface is small, which means a shortage of oxygen for anything inside. And this is not even the full list of arguments against this type of aquarium.

7. A car’s rearview mirror can be switched to nighttime mode.


  • What we think: It’s terribly uncomfortable when the light of another car’s headlights reflecting in your rearview mirror is glaring right in your eyes. But there is no getting around it.
  • Reality: Most cars have manual rearview mirrors. If you have one, just flip the tab at the bottom of the mirror. The angle of the reflection will change, enabling you to see everything behind without being blinded.

6. Adult cats shouldn’t be given milk.


  • What we think: Milk is the perfect food for cats. It’s for a good reason that all cartoons and ads show us this image.
  • Reality: Adult cats are intolerant to lactose, a milk sugar. To digest it, the feline digestive system must contain the enzyme lactase. Young kittens produce plenty of lactase, so they are pretty milk tolerant. But as they grow up, lactase production rates decrease. For mature cats, drinking milk can lead to a stomach disorder — most often diarrhea.

5. Antibiotics are useless against flu, colds, and other viruses.



  • What we think: A doctor can prescribe antibiotics to fight colds and flu.
  • Reality: Antibiotics do not work on viruses because they are made to treat bacterial infections. Viruses are structurally different from bacteria and have a different genesis. Therefore, antibiotics are powerless against flu, acute respiratory infections, and signs of the common cold such as coughing, sore throat, runny nose, etc.

4. Headphones can serve as a microphone.


  • What we think: To make a sound record on an ordinary computer, you absolutely need special equipment.
  • Reality: If the quality doesn’t matter too much, you can use any pair of headphones. Just plug them into your computer’s or laptop’s input, hit record, and start talking into the earpiece.

3. Most cars have an indicator showing which side the gas tank is on.


  • What we think: When driving a borrowed car, you always have to get out at a gas station to see which side the fuel cap is on.
  • Reality: The majority of new cars have a little gas pump symbol on the instrument panel. Next to the symbol, there is an arrow pointing to the side where the fuel cap is.

2. The Powerball tablet is not a ball.


  • What we think: Powerball is a dishwasher detergent tablet with a shiny red ball in the middle.
  • Reality: This is just an advertising ploy. If you remove the red object from the tablet, you’ll see that it is a sort of round tablet with a domed top. It’s probably a lot cheaper and easier to manufacture than an actual ball.

1. Bees can sting other bees.



  • What we think: Bees can only sting hapless humans and other big animals.
  • Reality: Bees from one colony can sting bees from another colony if they attack. The queen bee can sting her rivals and other queens to death, even if they’re just developing.
posted Jul 16, 2019 by Diya Borda

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Did you know, there are 196 countries in the world today? In fact, there are so many countries, whose names are also not recognized by many of us. There are so many informative facts about different countries.

Let's take a look at 10 Interesting and unknown facts about different countries that you need to know:

1. The country which still follows a traditional calendar that is seven years behind the rest of the world

Ethiopia still follows a traditional calendar that is seven years behind the rest of the world. Because of the strong presence of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the country, the traditional calendar of that church is still influential in Ethiopia. The calendar came about in the 16th century, when most of Christianity changed the date Jesus is believed to have been born on, but those in Ethiopia decided to maintain the original date. Because of the time discrepancy, Ethiopia held celebrations for the new millennium in 2007, seven years after the rest of the world.

2. The country which falls in all 4 hemispheres

Kiribati is the only country on the planet to fall into every one of the four hemispheres of the globe, straddling the equator and stretching out into the eastern and western hemispheres. Kiribati was also the first country to see the dawn of the third millennium on 1st January 2000.

3. The country which is smaller than Central Park in New York City

Smaller than Central Park in New York City – Monaco: Although Vatican City is smaller (.17 sq mi) than Monaco (.8 sq mi), not at all like Monaco it doesn’t have any permanent residents which leaves Monaco as the smallest permanently inhabited nation in the world… Smaller than Central Park.

4. The most diverse Country

The Most Diverse Country in the world is India: In almost every category – culturally, economically, climatically, racially, linguistically, ethnically, and religiously India is either the most diverse countries in the world, or the runner-up.

5. The Least Religious Country

A 2007–2008 Gallup survey found Estonia to be the least religious country in the world. The survey asked respondents from around the world, “Is religion an important part of your daily life?” Only 14% of Estonians answered in the affirmative, the lowest of all nations. In contrast, in that same poll, Egypt had a 100% “yes” rate.

6. There is another country which has Hindi as its official language

Fiji is the only country other than India with Hindi as an official language. Native Fijians make up 54% of the population. Under British rule, Indian labourers were brought to Fiji to work on the sugar cane crops. Descendants of these labourers are called Indo-Fijians and today they account for around 40% of the population.

7. There are countries which do not have an Army

There are 22 countries in the world that do not have an army, the large majority comprising tiny island states or enclaves. Incidentally, this doesn’t include the Vatican City, which has the c as a military corps.

8. The country which has 23 native languages

There are 23 native languages recognised by the government in Guatemala. Overall, about 40% of the population speak one of these languages, including Quiche, Kekchi, and Mam.

9.  The country which lies in 2 continents

Istanbul, Turkey, is the only country which falls in 2 continents.

10. The country which has the most amount of Obese people

Nauru has the most amount of Obese population in the world with over 95% of its population overweight.


1. France is the most visited country in the world

2. Surprisingly Australia is the most obese country in the world as of 2012 with a 26 percent obesity rate

3. There are no clocks in Las Vegas gambling casinos

4. Honolulu is the only place in the United States that has a royal palace

5. Spain is considered the most mountainous country in Europe and has over 8000 km of beaches

6. The United States has no official language

7. One-third of all the airports in the world are located in the US

8. Mexico City is sinking at a rate of 10cm per year, 10 x faster than Venice

9. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world not to have any rivers

10. It has been rumoured that the Great Wall can be seen from space, but in actual fact, it can not


We always associate brands with logos, just one look at the brand logo and we know which brand it is. But, many of us don’t really know much about the meaning of these logos? I mean, we may be well acquainted with the logos but not the astonishing facts related to it.

I’m sure you don’t know the astonishing facts related to these famous logos!

1. The Wikipedia logo.

We all know how the Wikipedia symbol looks like, but did you know the hidden meaning behind the logo? The puzzles pieces indicate the different languages that Wikipedia is available in and the missing pieces indicate that the information is being updated every day.

2. Pepsi Logo.

The logo may look really simple but costs a whopping $1 million, owing to the golden ratio of colors that pleases the human eyes the most.

3. The Starbucks Logo.

Original Starbucks logo had a mermaid holding her two tail fins, she was Goddess Melusine, who married a mortal man. The recent logo, however, is a censored version of the original one.

4. Nike logo.

The founder of Nike wasn’t at all satisfied with the logo that his student Carolyn Davidson had designed. He had paid him just $35 for it. But, it soon became one of the most recognized logos in the world.

5. The Pinterest Logo.

We are all too familiar with this logo, aren’t we? Well, at first glance though it looks just a word, but if you look closely you’ll notice a pin in the letter “P”, you can literally pin the pictures to your wall!

6. Uber Logo.

The new Uber logo has changed its logo from U to something that resembles an atom, indicating that their cars can be found anywhere.

7. The BMW logo.

People thought it to be resembling an airplane propeller, but these speculations were cleared when the owner in an interviewed that the logo, in fact, is inspired by the colors of the flag of Bavaria.

8. Lacoste logo.

This has quite the backstory, Rene Lacoste, the famous tennis player was walking down the street with his then team caption Alan Moore, he saw a crocodile skin suitcase in one of the stores and made a bet with Alan that if he wins the next game, Moore would have to buy Rene the suitcase. Though Rene lost the game, a journalist who overheard the conversation described the player as a crocodile who fought really hard for the match. Later, his company turned this earned nickname into an emblem.

9. McDonald’s logo.

The arches on the McDonald’s logo resemble females breasts which were thought by psychologist Louis Cheskin to arouse the feeling of hunger in people and also remind them of their happy childhood.

10. Apple logo.

Now, who doesn’t recognize this one? One of the astonishing facts is that Designer Rob Janoff said in an interview that the bitten apple clearer in its dimensions that will distinguish it from other round fruits. Though early rumors had it that it was dedicated to Alan Turning who died by biting into a poisoned apple.



  • India has the largest democratic government in the world, with 29 states, 29 chief festivals, 22 main languages and 1600 dialects.
  • The Indian army just celebrated its 65th birthday. It is the second largest army in the world, having the largest voluntary, democratic and multicultural body, free from political interferences, and has fought against the maximum number of world enemies. It has won more than 62 awards for valor, fought in the most hazardous conditions, been a part of UN peacekeeping forces, helped the UN by contributing over 8000 troops, helped its countrymen during plague and distress, and has been a champion in many difficult sports competitions.
  • 2 lakh office workers receive tiffin lunch in Mumbai at the measly rate of Rs 600/month from 5000 people, with an efficiency rate of 99.9%.
  • India’s Amul produces over seventy million tones of milk every year.
  • Hero Cycles produces six million cycles a year thus making it the largest manufacturers of cycles in the world.
  • The Indian railway is the largest in the world with 115,000 kms of tracks, 10000 daily trains, , 1.4 million employees. It carries over 24 million passengers a day! It sure is sturdy and reliable.
  • What about our famous Bollywood movies? They provide food and shelter to 7.2 million people and gross Rs 6000 crore a year in about 300 films. Bollywood produces more films a year than Hollywood.
  • What about studies? Did you know that it is more difficult to get admission into IIM Ahmedabad than the Ivy Leagues of USA?
  • The Indian curry (from the Tamil word kari) is the most famous in the world. Whenever Indian food is mentioned, the word curry is always present. There are a plethora of curries and they are available in every corner of the world. Curry reduces cancer and heart diseases.
  • Indian food has its roots tracing back from 3000 B.C with the Indus Valley population. The Basmati rice (from the Sanskrit word fragrant) is produced in large amounts (seven million tonnes a year) and India is the world’s biggest manufacturer of rice.
  • There are also some weird foods like black rice which turns purple on cooking, sorpotel (made from discarded parts of any animal), baby shark curry and nahkham (ashes and dried fish).
  • The Tirumala Devasthanam Hindu temple earns Rs 500 crore/year and attracts 45000 devotees/day!
  • The Nehru jacket with its detailed cut and finishes and the mandarin collar is an inspiration to suits all over the world.
  • The Indian sari is traditional attire that only belongs to this country and is considered a brand for Indian wear worldwide. It is an art to wrap the sari like a circle around the body and create elegant folds.
  • Mukesh Ambani (one of the richest person in the world) has a 800,000 square feet house that has 27 floors and cost over one billion dollars to construct.
  • India uses simple methods. The Angadia couriers have 5000 employees carrying priceless diamonds in simple packs and transporting them all over India. The Lijjat papad company started on Rs 80 and with seven women making papads on a terrace. Its sales touched Rs 300 crore and this company provides jobs to 40000 people.
  • India still believes in using the digit 0 before dialing any STD code!
  • The Indian voting count is the largest in the world, amounting to over 550 million votes cast in 2014.

Source from Internet


James Webb Space Telescope

  • JWST is the largest-ever space telescope.
  • It is expected to be launched in 2018 following the in-depth testing.
  • It is bigger and more powerful than NASA’s operational Hubble Space Telescope.
  • It is an infrared telescope.
  • It is the formal successor to the Hubble Space Telescope and the Spitzer Space Telescope. After its launch it will be the premier observatory of the next decade.
Scientist JWST
  • It is an international collaboration between of about 17 countries including NASA, European Space Agency (ESA) and the Canadian Space Agency (CSA).
  • Applications:
    1.  It will help in broad range of investigations across the fields of astronomy and cosmology.
    2.  It will help to understand the origins of the universe, evolution of our own Solar System, search for signs of life on faraway planets.
    3.  It can also analyze the atmospheres of exoplanets that pass in front of their stars.
    4.  It will look at a large number of things in the universe including icy moons, distant exoplanets and galaxy clusters.