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Top Paying Microsoft Certifications This Year – Get any with Exam-labs Prep Materials

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Money makes the world go round, or so they say. Believe it or not, this statement cannot be overemphasized. You wake up every day to chase money and work very hard to earn it. One of the most efficient ways to get a good salary at any workplace is to get a certification, the world of IT is not an exception. Being certified, you gain a number of benefits, such as higher salary, career promotion, authority and respect, a new place to grow your professional skills. Microsoft is a leader in providing the IT certificates to the specialists who prefer to work with their products and services. So, when it comes to deciding which Microsoft credential you should take, your decision should be based on the potential of getting more opportunities that earning a certification guarantees.

There are so many Microsoft certifications that an IT professional can pursue. Some have more monetary value than others. It’s important to know which certificates have the highest monetary value. Yes, all Microsoft credentials pay off. In this articles, we have highlighted the most highly-paid certifications as per the most recent reports.


Microsoft certifications that will definitely pay off this year

This year Microsoft offers its certifications at three levels, they are Fundamentals, Associate, and Expert. The higher the level, the higher salary. These credentials are now known as role-based, as the main focus is made on the skills that a specialist needs to have to complete his/her daily tasks. Before opting for any certificate, you need to pass one or more exams and take a training course. And you earn a Microsoft certification depending on the training you have gone through. Along with the courses and prep materials offered by Microsoft, check the website – a reliable exam dumps provider for all Microsoft tests.

Without much ado, let us take you through some of the Microsoft certifications that are more likely to pay off for you this year and in the future.

1. Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate

Through 2018 and in the better part of 2019, the MCSD certification consistently rated among the most-desired and top-paying Microsoft credentials. Taking into consideration the changes made by Microsoft and emerging the role-based certificates, MCSD: App Builder was replaced by Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate and has remained one of the most popular among candidates. This Microsoft certification program is designed to train you on how to effectively create Cloud solutions, which include applications, services that work in a variety of Window products. This is a versatile and efficient Microsoft certificate for those IT professionals who wish to venture into the innovative app development field and work as cloud administrators. To gain it, you need to pass the AZ-203 exam.

Due to its versatility, MCSD: App Builder was actually the highest paying Microsoft credential in 2018, and its new variant is expected to maintain its status throughout 2019 and beyond. So, if you are looking to pursue a high-paying Microsoft certification this year, then you should consider Microsoft Certified Azure Developer Associate. Note, that the annual salary of a Microsoft certified Azure developer is about $73,565.

2. Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate

Since the Azure certifications are the most popular among candidates, the second in-demand credential for the 2019 year is Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate. It partially replaced the retired one, known as MCSA: Cloud Platform, rated as the second most top-paying Microsoft certificate for 2018. The new credential is designed for Azure administrators and checks their skills to implement and work with Microsoft Azure solutions, which include the skills to provide such operations as computing, storing, networking, and securing. Based on what reports show, the popularity of this certification continues to grow this year and it will probably still be the second top-paying Microsoft credential throughout 2019 and 2020.

The certification testifies that you are skillful enough in managing storage, VMs, operating virtual networks and identities. To gain it, you have to pass the AZ-103 exam. At Exam-labs, you can find the best training course to take and get the valuable information to pass your certification test on the first try. The annual salary of Azure Administrators ranges from $95,000 to $115,212.

3. MCSA for Windows Server 2016

MCSA for Windows Server 2016 is the third top-paying Microsoft certification this year. It was also rated in this same position in 2018. This credential is also designed to teach the individuals on how to design and operate larger networks for businesses. Besides, it is also about implementing the Cloud technology. However, it focuses more on the management of these servers. It allows you to get a position of a network systems administrator anda computer network specialist. With this Microsoft certification, you will earn an average salary of $108, 000 USD.

4. MCSE Azure Solutions Architect Expert

MCSE Azure Solutions Architect Expert is the next top-paying Microsoft certification. As the first two is has appeared this year and taken its place in the line of the most rated credentials due to the growing adoption of the Cloud services in Azure. This makes it one of the main Microsoft certificates to watch in 2019. To gain this credential, you should be a real expert in designing solutions on Azure and pass two exams, which are AZ-300 and AZ-301.

The huge salary increase was due to the growing adoption of the Cloud services in Azure. Besides, it also marked the introduction of the new role-based certifications for those professionals who are working with Azure and Cloud-based technology. With the introduction of new role-based certifications, MCSE Azure Solutions Architect Expert also marked the official retirement of several Microsoft credentials. The pay for this certificate ranges from $125,282 to $151,000 per annum, and it’s not the limit.

5. Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert

Those IT professionals who want to pursue a highly-paid Microsoft certification can also consider Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert, as it is also ranked highly. To be precise, the Microsoft 365 certificates are currently ranked in the top 10. The credential testifies your skills to provide operations related to Microsoft 365 services. The exams you need to pass are MS-100 and MS-101.Microsoft 365 Certifications bring in a minimum of $101,000 and even up to $103,000 in salary. This means that they are some of the Microsoft certifications you should hold if you want to earn real money.


Take your Microsoft certification courses at Exam-labs

To achieve any of the above mentioned Microsoft certifications, you will have to clear the relevant exams. Many IT professionals who enroll for these credentials usually register for the corresponding courses at Exam-labs. The courses are designed and taught by the certified Microsoft professionals who are greatly experienced in the topic they discuss.

When take any Microsoft training course or download the most recent and updated exam dumps at Exam-labs, you will be able to study at your own pace wherever you are because the classes and all other necessary study materials are available online. Besides, you can access the courses via your PC, tablet, laptop, or your smartphone. All you need is just the high-speed Internet and your desire to ace the required exam.



Don’t get it all wrong. No one has said that other Microsoft certifications are not important. And we are not trying to suggest that there is no point of pursuing other credentials that are not in this list. What we mean is that currently the above named certificates are the most highly-paid and the most demanded ones. With any of them, you can build a successful career in IT and enjoy the benefits it brings.

posted Jun 20, 2019 by Divya Bharti

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Located in Worcester, MA, the Worcester Polytechnic Institute is known for its students hired by tech giants including Amazon, IBM, ExxonMobil, and Boeing. The typical beginning remuneration is $63,400 that rises to $110,300 in your mid-career. the varsity organizes several career fairs, company shows, and networking nights to assist students bring the simplest out of them.

Carnegie Mellon University

"People can rent you as a result of they recognize you'll work since you have got been doing nothing however operating the past four years of your life," one student told the Princeton Review. situated in Pittsburgh, PA, the university believes in coaching students to tackle issues within the world, and it's not left unheeded by potential employers. The median beginning remuneration for a particular candidate is $64,000.

Babson College

The college provides unnumberable ways that to move with employers throughout the year. except Career Corners, Career Expos and business Panels, the college conjointly conduct nearly fifteen employers in residence sessions every semester. With average beginning remuneration of $61,500, Babson faculty is one best place to hold your study forward.

State University of New York Maritime College

The SUNY Maritime faculty offers a extremely specific programme that trains students for career in maritime business. With facilities like job postings board that includes post and regular employment opportunities, the varsity includes a near-perfect job placement rate among 3 months of graduation. the typical beginning remuneration a student will hunt for whereas being in SUNY Maritime is $62,100.

Stevens Institute of Technology


Through its co-op program, the Stevens Institute is one in every of the far-famed institutes among huge names like Colgate, Exxon Mobil, and Panasonic. The institute programme permits students to alternate between within the class semesters and full time jobs aboard real engineers. the typical package a student will land goes up to is $67,100.

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Named among the best rated polytechnic institute, the institute helps students in landing ninety seven jobs in STEM positions. the varsity even runs 2 internal post programs in entrepreneurship and medicine engineering. Primarily based in Terre Haute, IN, the varsity field could be a platform for school kids to secure a mean beginning pay of $67,300.

Stanford University


The university not solely helps students through guidance, job fairs, and resume workshops, it conjointly organizes career communities wherever professors facilitate students explore totally different career methods. The typical beginning remuneration offered by organizations to a Stanford graduate is $65,800.

California Institute of Technology


The Pasadena, CA, primarily based institute, popularly called Caltech helps students with their job search through a series of workshops that embrace sessions on networking, victimisation social media effectively, and the way to attach with recruiters. to boot a in small stages guide is out there for the scholars to land summer internships. The median beginning remuneration for a Caltech student is $82,200.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


MIT includes a potent alumni network encompassing individuals like wealthy person brothers Charles and David Robert Koch and traveler Buzz Aldrin. Through mock interviews, school advising, career fairs, and facilitate with resume, the career department at university ensures students square measure navigating job market prior their course completion. the typical beginning remuneration that a student takes hold of is $76, 300.

Harvey Mudd College


Located in Claremont, CA, doctor Mudd College is understood for his or her out of the manner chores to assist student with summer internships and job leads. The bi-annual career fairs and in depth resources on networking, resume building, and job applications square measure a number of the offerings students will cash in of at Harvey. With its international job search guide students square measure ready to search jobs internationally that lands average beginning remuneration of $76, 300.