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Distinguish between water and land transport?

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Distinguish between water and land transport?
posted Jan 7, 2019 by V Evolution

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1 Answer

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Waterways has a very huge carrying capacity where as Road transport has limited speed due to bad road conditions, accidents, etc.

Cost of construction and maintenance
Waterways are natural high-ways and hence there is no cost involved. However, there is high cost involved for construction of ships and ports. But with road transport, we require limited capital investment in terms of construction of road, vehicles and their maintenance.

Waterways are suitable for long distances especially across countries and continents whereas land transport is recommended for short distance.

Transport charges
Transport charges are lowest for waterways but high due to increased fuel prices for road transport.

Carrying capacity
Waterways has a very huge carrying capacity, whereas road has limited carrying capacity.

Means of transport
Waterways uses boats, big ships, liners, tankers. Etc. Whereas land transport uses animal’s carts, motor-cycles three and four wheeler.

Waterways are suitable for transporting very heavy goods, machinery in large quantities to any part of the world. Whereas land transport is suitable for goods in relatively smaller and quantities for short distance.

Chances are less in waterways whereas chances are high with the road as poor road conditions and negligent drivers.

Door to Door Service
Waterways are not for door to door service whereas road transport is.

answer Jan 8, 2019 by Salil Agrawal
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