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What are the uses of transport and communication?

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What are the uses of transport and communication?
posted Jan 6, 2019 by A.dinesh Lucky

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1 Answer

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Uses of Transportation and Communication

  1. Both transportation and communication play some major roles in the economic uplift of a country as they promote internal and external trade.
  2. Transportation and communication systems help to promote the use of natural resources, the mobility of skilled labor-force, diversification of markets, provision of fuel, increase in agricultural and industrial production.
  3. Efficient transport and communication systems help to establish relationships among people in different parts of the world, these have also strengthened the feeling of unity among people in different cultural backgrounds.
  4. Transport and communication systems help to create job opportunity for people living in the rural areas by connecting laborers and creating employment for them in the industries, however these have also solved the needs of industries and reduce unemployment.
  5. The development of transport system also leads to the development of industries because the transport system utilizes the product of industries and both complement each other in different ways.
  6. Efficient means of transport and communication have indeed shortened time, distance, and cost that would have been used to move and to deliver goods and information from one person to another.
  7. Transportation and communication help to increase the size of the market of your products by helping you to transport your products across different countries which will help you to increase your sales in those countries that is, by penetrating new markets.
  8. Through the effective transport and communication systems one will know how to strategies in terms of war and also curtail crisis from taking place at any point in time.
  9. The government can swiftly evacuate or inform her people against any occurrence of natural disaster, outbreak of diseases and other social problems through the means of transportation and communication system.
  10. The production and distribution units (farms, factories, central places) that are under primitive or high-cost transport conditions, had to be scattered to serve distant markets, have tended to become spatially concentrated in areas of greatest advantage. Market areas therefore have become even more extensive as transportation has improved. Similarly, supply areas have expanded. For instance, agricultural production has become more profitable and so wider areas of production are opened up from the central markets.
  11. Transportation revolution has therefore significantly improved accessibility of places and therefore bringing more developments and growth. This is because transportation is the main vein through which developmental facilities and services are channelled. The level of transport development of many areas therefore positively correlated to the level of economic growth and development.
    Transportation plays a major role in the economy, which increases the production efficiency and links to the logistic systems.
answer Jan 7, 2019 by Salil Agrawal
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