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How to handle discrimination in our society?

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How to handle discrimination in our society?
posted Dec 11, 2018 by Arkishia Pineda

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1 Answer

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There are many places one can get discriminated be at workplace, be at society or be at school. One can get discriminated based on gender, color, caste, religion, language, culture, ethnicity and many more. More or less each country has some law to deal with these discriminations and based on law of the land you can take a legal course.

However there are some healthy ways to deal with discrimination, for your physical health and your mental well-being and some of them are as follows -
Focus on your strength. Focusing on your core values, beliefs and perceived strengths can motivate people to succeed, and may even overcome the negative effects of bias.

Seek support systems. Many a times family and friends can remind you of your worth and help you, but you need to ask for help.

Get involved. You can get involved with like-minded groups and organizations, whether locally or online. It can help to know there are other people who have had similar experiences to yours. And connecting with those people might help you figure out how to address situations and respond to experiences of discrimination in ways you haven’t thought of.

Help yourself think clearly. Being the target of discrimination can stir up a lot of strong emotions including anger, sadness and embarrassment. Such experiences often trigger a physiological response, too; they can increase your blood pressure, heart rate and body temperature. Try to check in with your body before reacting. Slow your breathing or use other relaxation exercises to calm your body’s stress response. Then you’ll be able to think more clearly about how you want to respond.

Get involved with exercises or Yoga. Yoga or meditation can help you to overcome the negative effects of discrimination.

Seek professional help. Discrimination is difficult to deal with, and is often associated with symptoms of depression. Psychologists are experts in helping people manage symptoms of stress and depression, and can help you find healthy ways to cope.

answer Dec 12, 2018 by Salil Agrawal
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