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The Caroline Norton court case highlighted the injustice of what British law?

0 votes
ARoyalties on intellectual property were discretionary only
BMost assets acquired by a wife went to her husband
CA woman could not decline a proposal of marriage from a nobleman
DHours of work were different for men and women

Correct Option: 2  

Most assets acquired by a wife went to her husband
Caroline wrote prose and poetry (e.g. The Sorrows of Rosalie (1829)). In 1836, she left her husband Hon. George Chapple Norton and subsisted on her earnings as an author, but Norton claimed these as his own, arguing successfully in court that, as her husband, Caroline's earnings were legally his. Paid nothing by her husband, her earnings confiscated, Caroline used the law to her own advantage by running up bills in her husband's name. Norton abducted and hid their sons.
posted Jun 27, 2018 by Anil Chaurasiya

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