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What kind of music system is better for clear and deep bass. Is it amplifier with speaker or hi fi music system?

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What kind of music system is better for clear and deep bass. Is it amplifier with speaker or hi fi music system?
posted Aug 13, 2017 by Dershin Baro

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1 Answer

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Lets first understand the difference between two -

Hi Fi System
Hi-fi systems generally comprise 2 loudspeakers. They are essentially designed for listening to music which signal (sound source) is intended to be listened to in stereo (known as 2.0), i.e. a right channel and a left channel. Each speaker has a dedicated frequency range (bass, midrange, treble….). Bass speaker volumes also require the use of larger diameter speakers to facilitate good bass reproduction. If you pitch on bookshelf loudspeakers or compact loudspeakers (more discrete and therefore smaller), it is advisable to use a bass speaker (subwoofer) for good bass frequency reproduction.

Amplifier Audio system i.e. HOME THEATER AUDIO SYSTEMS
A Home Cinema configuration uses a greater number of loudspeakers. Since the explosion in digital technologies and accessibility of Home Cinema installations to consumers, most audiovisual broadcasts are in multi-channel. Multi-channel broadcast splits the sound signals to the different speakers, assigning a highly specific role to each one.
The right and left front loudspeakers (or main loudspeaker) reproduce image-related sound effects and ambiances. They also reproduce musical passages.
The centre loudspeaker reproduces the channels and provides transition between the 2 front loudspeakers.
Surround/effect loudspeakers, positioned behind the spectators, immerse them in the soundscape and action of the film. They reproduce additional and actual (background sounds, rain, vehicles, etc.) sound effects.
The bass loudspeaker (or subwoofer) handles low frequencies (bass), giving more power and impact to the soundtracks. The bass is also capable of taking over from other speakers on lower frequencies when the latter are no longer able to reproduce them.


So obviously you need a Home theater system for your requirement.

answer Aug 14, 2017 by Salil Agrawal