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What is community stem cell banking, how does it work and what is it importance?

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Kindly explain me on community stem cell banking and how does it work and it's importance ?

posted Jun 1, 2017 by Shashi Roy

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1 Answer

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Community Stem Cell Banking is a comprehensive solution that provides access to your baby's preserved stem cells for own use, and also giving you an access to donor stem cells thereby bringing the unique benefits of both private and public banks.

Silent benefits are -
1. The parents preserve their baby’s umbilical cord stem cells with community stem cell partner.
2. The stem cells preserved from each baby forms a community of cord blood units with no exclusive ownership for the parent after the initial n years.
3. The stem cells are HLA typed and grouped for immediate retrieval by the community members of the stem cell bank.
4. The preserved cord blood stem cell units can be accessed by any member of the community including the parents when required.

Following image may help -
Community Stem Cell Bank

Image Credit: lifecell

answer Jun 1, 2017 by Salil Agrawal

What if someone in my family has a disease that can be treated with Stem Cells?

Thats what it is, check the point 4 - The preserved cord blood stem cell units can be accessed by any member of the community including the parents when required.
Thank you. What are the things must I look with the brand before signing up for stem cell.
Ideally you should talk to your doctor but following could be the decision criteria -

1. Good reputation
2. Certified and have the required technological expertise and experience in collecting, transporting and preserving)
3. The laboratory and storage facility should be owned by the cord blood bank itself.
4. Storage facility should have adequate power back up and fire fighting facility.
5. Know about your contract with the stem cell banking company and also when it will expire and find out that in case of expiry of the contract what happens to your sample.
6. The stem cell banking company should have a good tie up with the hospital where you would be having your delivery.
Could you please let me know best maternity hospitals in chennai and centres for stem cell in chennai.
Sorry I am not based of Chennai, may be post a fresh query and someone may help?
Thank you salil
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