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According to Jain version of Ramayana, Who was the father of Sita?

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According to Jain version of Ramayana, Who was the father of Sita?
posted May 8, 2017 by Ranjith Havaldar

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1 Answer

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According to the Jain version of Ramayana, Ravana was the father of Sita. It is said that she was born from the pair, Ravan-Mandodari. Ravan was overjoyed when he saw his beautiful baby girl. Amidst these celebrations, the royal priest predicted complete destruction to the entire land of Lanka, if the baby continued to live. It was decided that the baby was to be placed in a well-decorated box and be thrown into the sea. When this was done, the water level rose and box was engulfed.

One fine day in Mithila city, King Janak was ploughing the field for an auspicious function. The shovel suddenly hit something hard it looked like a box. He had found Ravan’s beautiful baby girl. Janak was childless and the baby looked like a blessing from heaven. He named her ‘Sita’. Ravan was relieved that his daughter had survived and at the same time overjoyed that she was still a princess.

answer Sep 28, 2017 by Salil Agrawal
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