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Which was the first song sung by A R Rehman?

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Which was the first song sung by A R Rehman?
posted Jan 20, 2017 by Ramya

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1 Answer

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When Rahman was nine, Rahman accidentally played a tune on piano during his father's recording for a film, which R. K. Shekhar later developed into a complete song.

In 1992, he was approached by film director Mani Ratnam to compose the score and soundtrack for Ratnam's Tamil film Roja. During the filming, it's Cinematographer Santosh Sivan signed A. R. Rahman up for the Malayalam movie Yodha, directed by his brother Sangeeth Sivan release

I would like to list out the various debut movies of A R Rahman in various Languages.

Kollywood( Tamil) - Roja.
Bollywood(Hindi)- Rangeela.
Hollywood(English)- Couples Retreat.
Mandarin Chinese movie- Between heaven and earth.
Mollywood(Malayalam)- Yodha
Kannada- Sajni

answer Jan 20, 2017 by Amit Kumar Pandey