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Secret Instagram Photography Skills Which You Don’t Know

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When we open your Instagram account and scroll through an Instagram feed, we will see many beautiful and quality photographs. Sometimes makes us feel wonder if all these people have personal and professional photographers to click the best settings you can imagine. It is not always that you visit a studio for casual photography too. You can trick others into thinking it is. With knowledge of editing skills and with some creativity you can turn an occasional photo into magical Instagram-trending image and here is a proof of that.

These people took the pictures in entirely unexpected places like the grocery store,  a TV screen which illustrates an out-of-this-world atmosphere and ATM seems to stand for ‘automated time machine’ when a photo-shoot is in talented hands and a creative skills.

Calipatria based photographer and graphic designer Calob Castellon shows that we should never believe everything that we see on social media and reveals the secrets behind perfect Instagram photography. In his pictures, he published the behind-the-scenes of how a casual image is transformed into an ideal work of art. He has 300k Instagram followers who are appreciating his artwork. Let us see what can be done with minimal resources and perhaps use some tips and tricks and next time when you go shopping you can create a fantastic pic to transform your social media account.

This photography levels and creativity wants to have a photographer who clicks our pictures to make them wow !!.

He used a cool and comfortable trick to make them look beautiful.







posted May 10, 2019 by Ramya

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Instagram is our to go place for perfect photos and perfect people. We ourselves try to perfect a photo of ourselves and then only post it to Instagram. It also has turned so specifically interested people into models and given them a platform to showcase themselves for people to admire and follow. These models are an integral part of the Facebook-owned social media platform and give them a good amount of users that come to see the beauty of these models. These models also generate some income of their own and if lucky sometimes make their way into some movie and get their big break.

Below are some of the best Instagram models of 2019 that you should follow:

Irina Shayk. (@irinashayk)

Iriana is an actress cum model who has starred in the Hercules movie alongside Dwane Johnson and announced the Global Recognition Award in 2007.

Rocky Barnes. (@rocky_barnes)

She was the girl that was featured in Justin Bieber’s music video Boyfriend in case you were wondering where you saw her.

Ashika Pratt. (@ashika_pratt)

This New Zealand based model started her career when she was merely 15 years of age and got featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia, Femina, Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire. She got fame in India which led her to feature in 2010 Kingfisher Calendar and her April 2010 Indian Vogue Cover.

Candice Swanepoel. (@angelcandices)

With a massive following of 13.3 Million on Instagram, she one of the top models of South Africa. She became an angel in Victoria’s Secret and opened the parade of Victoria’s Secret in 2011, which is a very achievement in itself.

Yoventura. (@yoventura)

She’s one of those sporty women on the platform who often post photos that are too hot for her followers to handle.

Cindy Prado. (@cindyprado)

She’s not only a model but a blogger alongside as well. She shares general images with her friends that are not a photo shoot, so if you’re into natural people, you might like her.

Demi RoseMawby. (@demirosemawby)

With a perfect body like that and 9 million active followers on Instagram, she makes it worth a follow.

Amanda Cerney. (@amandacerney)

Amanda is an A list Instagram celebrity who has the highest followers on this list i.e. 25 Million. She’s not only a model but a Youtuber and runs her own fitness blogs and a clothing line up.

Anna Nystrom. (@annanystrom)

This girl from Sweden is often seen posting photos in sports outfits and doing brand promotions on a daily basis and trust me the brands give her the best clothes for people to like.

Yanet Garcia. (@iamyanetgarcia)

A Mexican girl who is also known as the ‘Weather Girl’ by many people because she’s the hottest anchor there is! She also stars in movies, advertisements and what not and has 10 million followers on Instagram. She’s a gym freak as well as posts photos of her progress daily.

Natalie Gibson. (@nataliengibson)

Would you believe she is a mother? She recently had a daughter with her boyfriend Matt and recovered her body the fastest and is back at business.

Jessica Wilde. (@jessicawilde)

The regular cover girl of Inked Magazine is inked and shows off her tattoos on her social media along with her flaunting curves.


The on-screen character, maker, specialist Kamaal Rashid Khan who likes to be called as KRK has an unbreakable connection with contentions, and constantly, the debates are conceived an offspring by him as it were. He is a self-broadcasted Critic additionally and he can audit anything, be it a film, an on-screen character's profession or any narrative, and one thing to recall, according to his conclusion, he is constantly right. 

In this article, we exhibit you 10 facts about KRK which you don't know yet you will love to know: 

1. KRK’s real name is Rashid Khan, he later added “Kamaal” to his name. God knows why he added this word to his name but he is doing a lot of ‘Kamaals’ after that.

2. He came Mumbai to become an actor however, in 2005, he produced his first move “Sitam” and since then he is doing ‘sitam’ on Indian Cinema lovers. Quite a few low-budget movies have been produced by him and in some of them he has acted (more sitam) too.

3. It was really unfortunate for Sara Khan that she was proposed by KRK who tweeted about the same as well, “Its official that yesterday I have broken up with my Moroccan girlfriend Sabah but today I am already in love with Sara khan TV actress.”
He was habitual of sending morning kisses to B-Town beauty Asin (Poor Sara and Asin, we have sympathy for both).

4. Now KRK says that he lives in a house, the area of which is 21,000 sq ft. Milk for him comes from Holland, water comes from France and Tea from London. He owns a garment business and gulf is always grateful to him for supplying them with labour.

5. As per a report in Telly Chakkar, our super handsome KRK is bald. The report says that during Bigg Boss3, KRK used to wear bandana in night to hide his baldness while sleeping. It is also said that one unit member saw the wig kept in the cupboard, in fact KRK got clicked without wig, but the pic can’t be leaked as nobody dares to make KRK angry.

6. KRK’s office is in house only which is in Versova. The front of his house has glass with his initials KRK written over the glass. The “R” in KRK is written in Red and both the Ks are in grey. Inside the house he is hanging everywhere, not literally, in form of photos mostly either wearing sunglasses or holding a gun.

7. Only God can tell how old KRK is. Even KRK is not sure how old he is, he told in an interview that he is 39, his website tells that he is 33 but most of the media reports tell that he is between 40 and 50.

8. KRK has a great following on Twitter and why not, in this hectic schedule who doesn’t want entertainment. In fact, when KRK made an announcement of getting wed to Smita, his girlfriend, the poor girl started getting messages asking her not marry KRK. Just imagine, the love of KRK fans is so deep that they don’t want to share KRK with a girl. KRK wrote on Twitter about his marriage

“Whole twitter family is invited for my marriage with @JustSmita.”

Smita was too mad in love and she tweeted

“God has givn me @kamaalrkhan wink emoticon Tu Jaan se Pyaara Ho Gaya… #deshdrohi #myfavsong @kamaalrkhan. Dont Look for Love! Love will find you!! N here`s sm Real Love n kisses for @kamaalrkhan.

9. When KRK doesn’t like someone on Twitter, he honours them by calling “2RSPpl”- which means “do take ke log” (Two Rupees People).

10. KRK has his own world where he, if not bigger than SRK, then at least he is equivalent to SRK. If SRK’s bungalow is called Mannat then KRK’s is called Jannat. Mind it KRK’s bungalow is in Dubai while SRK is in Mumbai.


Thanks to the internet and social media getting instant fame is a cake walk now. It can be due to any reason. It may be due to mesmerizing appearances or some unmatchable talent.

1. Nicky Libert

Once a girl posted a picture of a construction site worker whom she crushed upon on her social media site and he got instant fame. Twitter went crazy over his looks and he bagged a modelling contract with Elite magazine.

2. Baddie Winkle

Her granddaughter posted a picture of her on Instagram and now this cool granny has 3 million followers. She twerks, dances and changes her fashion every day.

3. Nusret Gökçe

This Turkish chef cooks his meat so passionately that the style has brought him 9 million followers on Instagram.

4. Arshad Khan

Just a local tea seller from Islamabad whose blue eyes won millions of hearts and various modelling projects, after his picture was posted on social media.

5. Philippe Dumas

To clear his confusion he posted this pic on Reddit asking whether he can still join the fashion industry. That single post made his dream come true.

6. Mike Varshavski

He used to post photos of his daily chores on Instagram. But his unusual looks gained him swarm of followers and he got listed as the ‘sexiest doctor alive’ by People magazine.

7. Cindy Kimberly

Justin Bieber made her famous by posting her photo on his feed with the caption ‘Omg! Who is this?’ She got instant fame and his followers found out she is just a 17-year-old student from Spain. But due to fame, she is now a renowned model.

8. Sven Otten

His lit dancing moves on YouTube was viewed by 43 million people. This self-taught Germany dancer is now the face of many advertisements and has his own dance academy.

9. Jeremy Meeks

I never knew a person can look so awesome in a mugshot photo. After 2 years of imprisonment for a weapons violation, when he was released his instant fame provided him with an opportunity of a better life. He is a successful model now.

10. The Success Kid

Just an 11 months old boy with millions of followers after his memes became famous.




















Preity Zinta tied the knot with beau Gene Goodenough in a private wedding ceremony in Los Angeles. The wedding was a low-key affair which saw only a select few guests in attendance. Preity thereafter had a grand wedding reception in Mumbai and had the who's who of Bollywood gracing the event. However, her wedding pics never made it online. The bubbly actress had even stated that her wedding pics won't be out or leaked as she wanted to sell them for charity purpose. But an Instagram handle just got hold of all the pics and we are bringing it straight to you! The gorgeous bride is seen decked in a Manish Malhotra creation and her husband is seen complimenting her in a crisp white ensemble. They definitely look royal, don't they?