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What's with Beyoncé and her Thigh Gap Pictures?

0 votes

What's with Beyoncé and her Thigh Gap Pics?
- Curtains behind . . .
- Down the Steps . . .
- Playing Golf . . .

posted Sep 1, 2015 by Earl Cummins

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1 Answer

0 votes

Beyonce was accused of Photoshopping this image with Buzzfeed claiming there's something fishy about how the curtains behind her hips curve inward**

Last September, Queen Bey was accused of Photoshopping a thigh gap into snaps of her on a yacht for her birthday celebrations

Beyonce was accused of altering a photo of her playing golf in a bikini in April last year (left), with fans saying her thighs seemed notably far smaller, especially when compared with on-stage shots of the singer.

answer Sep 13, 2015 by anonymous
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