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Ranbir Raj Kapoor---"The Greatest Showman of Bollywood ",

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Raj kapoor was a well known actor,producer and director of Bollywood movies.The greatest showman of Bollywood

He has won many awards in his lifetime.He was the winner of 3 National award and 11 Filmfare awards in India.He was also nominateed twice for the Palme d’Or grand prize at the cannes film festival for his movies Awaara and Boot Polish.In 1971 Governmet of INDIA honoured him with the padma bhushan for his contribution in arts and he has also received Dadasahed phalke award in 1987 by the Government of India.

Raj kapoor was born on 14 december 1924  in peshawar(now in pakistan).He was the eldest of six children in the family.Prithvi Raj Kapoor(father of Rannbir Raj Kapoor) had to move from one city to another early in his career,the family had to move too..

At the age of 10  he startted his acting career with the movie “Inquilab” in 1935.rah kapoor’s first lead role was in movie “Neel kalam” in which he acted opposite to madhubala.In 1948  he established his own stdio “R K FILMS” and at the age of 24 he became the youngest film director of his generation.His first major success as an actor was ANDAZ and first major success as producer, director and actor was his movie “BARSAAT”.

He also went on to produce many films under R K FILMS BANNER which includes “ Awaara (1951), Shree 420 (1955),Jagte Raho (1956), Chori Chori (1956),  and Jis Desh Men Ganga Behti Hai (1960)”.In 1964 he produced ,directed and starred in romantic musical SANGAM alongside Rajendra and Vyjayantimala which  was his first color film.

Raj Kapoor was married to Krishna malhotra in 1946.It was a match arranged by the family.Raj Kapoor had 3 Sons Rishi Kapoor,Randhir Kapoor,Rajiv Kapoor and 2 daughter Ritu Nanda and Reema kapoor.

Raj kapoor was sufferring from  Asthma in his later years ,he had collapsed in an event where  he was about to receive the dadasaheb phalke award,he was taken for treatment to Aiims(all india institute of medical science) He was hospitalized for about a month before he succummed to complications from asthma and died in the year 1988 at age of 63.

posted Mar 20, 2017 by Snehal Raikar

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Raj Kapoor, the second era of Bollywood's first family, passed on June 2, 1988 after a long and distinguished profession earlier and behind the curve lights.

Let's take a look at 10 Interesting and unknown facts about Raj Kapoor:

1. Raj Kapoor started as a clapper-kid. At the point when Kidar Sharma was taping Vishkanya (1943), Raj would dependably brush his hair and stance before the camera before giving the applaud. At the point when Kidar Sharma was shooting a nearby as the sun was going down, Raj got the legend's whiskers in the clapperboard and it fell off. Sharma lost his temper and purportedly slapped youthful Raj before the entire unit.

2. Raj's genuine name was Ranbir, shared by his grandson. Raj was the center name of all the Kapoor siblings. Shammi's genuine name was Shamsher Raj and Shashi was truly Balbir Raj.

3. Raj Kapoor first wanted to become a music director before making it big as an actor. He became the youngest film director at 24.

4. Raj Kapoor set up R K Films in 1948. The first film from the banner was Aag, directed by him and the first starring himself and Nargis. But it was Barsaat that brought the studio success, and a scene featuring Nargis, Raj and a violin became the R K Films' logo.

5. At Dilip Kumar's wedding, a standout amongst the most marvelous of now is the ideal time, the baraat was driven by Prithviraj Kapoor, Raj Kapoor and Dev Anand.

6. Hrishikesh Mukherjee was roused to make Anand after he wound up noticeably frequented by the musings of dear companion Raj Kapoor's demise after the performing artist executive fell sick.

7. The scene where Rishi meets Dimple in her house in Bobby was inspired by the real life meeting between Raj Kapoor and Nargis.

8. Awaara (1951) was the first movie to feature three generations of Kapoors in its cast - Diwan Basheshwarnath (Raj Kapoor's grandfather), Prithviraj and Raj. In 1971, Randhir Kapoor repeated the formula with Kal Aaj Aur Kal starring himself, dad Raj and grandfather Prithviraj.