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Can anyone tell me the most common reasons of divorce?

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Can anyone tell me the most common reasons of divorce?
posted Mar 18, 2017 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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5 of the most common reasons of divorce are:

  1. Lack of commitment: There is nothing more commonly corrosive to the health of a marriage than a general or perceived lack of commitment. It should not come as a surprise that this is the top reason in most states for why people want a divorce, as it is arguably the number one reason any relationship fails, whether it be romantic, friendly, or professional. If one or both spouses aren't trying to advance and maintain a happy marriage, it won't last.
  2. Arguments: Every married couple will have disagreements from time to time, but the spouses that frequently argue might be in trouble. Not having the ability to keep a level head when entering into a debate can be a detriment to a marriage, especially if arguments are many and not-far between.
  3. Infidelity: It is thought that infidelity, either proven or intensely suspected, is behind about half of all divorces in America. Despite an overshadowing belief that the young are restless in marriage, there is no strong correlation between age and proclivity to cheating; a spouse in his or her gray years could be just as likely to wander.
  4. One-sidedness: No one likes to carry a full burden when they know someone should be there with them to lighten the load. A spouse that perceives a lack of equality in the marriage, such as being the only source of income or being the only one who spends ample time with the kids, will likely look for a way out sooner than later.
  5. Abuse: Some sort of spousal abuse is unfortunately a common cause for divorce. Most incidents do not involve physical violence, but instead include emotional and mental abuse, like constant belittlement or angry shouting during arguments. If you are in a relationship and believe you are in immediate danger of physical abuse, please seek the help of the authorities as soon as it is safe. Please do not jeopardize your health for any reason.
answer Apr 29, 2017 by Panchika Trivedi