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Let's search your Love Mate with these 14 Dating App

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and everyone is feeling love in the air. Couples are busy with their partners and singles are looking for love. So, this Valentine’s Day we help you find your special someone the apply way.

Here is the list of 14 valentine apps to make your day special.

1. Okcupid

OkCupid (Android, iOS) is an old reliable in the dating services field with its massive userbase and straightforward dating tools. But rather than rest on their laurels, OKC keeps refining and adding on features to their mobile apps, with a redesigned profile view that brings the best info on your potential matches right to the top, match percentages based on things like lifestyle, religion and ethics, as well as Instagram integration. All this is in addition to OkCupid's messaging tools, personality quizzes and other old favorites. A premium subscription adds other features, such as refined search tools and the ability to see users who have liked you. Just don't end up on Fedoras of OKCupid, please.

2. Tinder

Tinder (Android, iOS) blazed the trail, set by Grindr, toward a new generation of swipe and scroll dating apps for the mobile set. In theory, you're not supposed to make shallow, snap judgments about potential partners, but Tinder encourages you to do just that. You create a simple profile with a handful of photos and a few sentences about yourself, then throw yourself at the Internet's mercy. The app displays singles in your area. If you like one, swipe the photo to the right; otherwise, swipe to the left. If you and a match swipe right on each other, then you can send messages and set something up. New features include GIF messaging, uploading profile photos from your phone, and the ability to 'like' chat messages.

3. Woo

Another app on our list of Valentine’s Day apps is Woo. It is a matchmaking app, which helps you meet the people who have similar interests as yours. The app lets you check out profiles and go through their detailed bios available on the app.
Moreover, the users will also have the opportunity to reconsider someone if they are not sure at that moment. You can also find your love through the TagSearch feature or by answering and asking interesting questions.

4. TrulyMadly

TrulyMadly is one of the most talked about app when it comes to dating. The app does all the heavy lifting and finds your perfect connection using powerful filters.

The app is totally safe and users can find more matches once they verify themselves via Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. All you need to do is create your profile and start.

5. Bumble

This is quite an interesting app for all the ladies out there. The app asks women to make the first move and find the man of their dreams. The app enables women to like and approach the men they like and want to be with.
The users will have 24 hours to message the match otherwise, it disappears. Moreover, you will have the chance to get a new connection each day for another 24 hours. The app also has an interesting feature called VIBee, which gives you a badge that increases your chances of finding your perfect partner.

6. Hot or not

Hot or not is an engaging game, which will help you find out the hottest people around you. You just need to sign-in via Facebook with some of your good pictures to start playing the game.

The app will ask you your mobile number and permission to read and send messages from various people around. This is done to authenticate the user. So, find your hottest partner this Valentine’s Day and go on a hot date.

7. Hitch

Hitch (Android, iOS) is betting on the adage that "friends know better" by letting your friends set up matches for you. Once users log in with their Facebook accounts, they can then match their friends together through built-in anonymous chat (or alternatively, you can ask a friend to introduce you if you find someone interesting). All you get is the age and gender of your match, as well as the mutual acquaintance that matched you, along with a short message. If you hit it off in the chat, you can send a Reveal Request to find out more about your match. Whether you're single and looking for a match or somebody looking to play matchmaker for two friends, there's something for you to love in Hitch. 

8. Hinge

Hinge (Android, iOS) tries to take the awkward randomness out of meeting people online by making sure that it introduces you to people that you share mutual Facebook friends with, hopefully cutting out the creep factor and trying to make sure that you have a good chance of having people, experiences and interests in common. Users log in with their Facebook accounts, enter preferences, sexual orientation, location and age. Every day at noon, the app supplies you with a field of potential matches. And, of course, because you know friends in common, you're both more accountable and less likely to act like jerks when faced with the prospect of real world social blowback. This assumes that you're actually on good terms and pretty compatible with your Facebook friends list, that is.


9. Coffee Meets Bangel

Aiming for quality over quantity, Coffee Meets Bagel (Android, iOS) brings you a single "bagel" every day: a curated match that shares mutual Facebook friends. You then have 24 hours to decide whether to like or to pass, with the app learning from your preferences. If you both express interest, CMB then brings you together in a private chatroom where you can get to know each other or plan a date. There's also an option to set up Other features, such as the ability to view your mutual friends, can be unlocked by purchasing a virtual currency called "beans".

10. Grindr

Grindr (Android, iOS) allows gay and bisexual men to meet up with like-minded men nearby. Profile creation is a fairly minimal experience, focusing on a profile pic, user name, and a few simple questions, and choosing a "Tribe" that describes your type, and then you're up finding other users and chatting them up in minutes. Grindr is free to use and advertisement-supported, but the premium version, Grindr Xtra, offers ad-free browsing in addition to other features like adding multiple Tribes and advanced search filters. One notable downside? Unlike other dating apps, push notifications for messages require Grindr Xtra. It's been so successful that it's led to a range of competing dating apps aimed at the gay and lesbian communities.


A venerable presence in online dating, offers its mobile users a freemium dating experience on Android and iOS. Free users can set up online profiles, upload a few pictures of themselves and then engage in some online flirting with "winks", and have new matches delivered to them daily. More comprehensive features such as the ability to see who has checked out your profile and liked your pictures can be unlocked by a subscription. Match has continued to add on to its features, such as a Tinder-like Mixer, Android Wear and Apple Watch integration.

12. Plenty Of Fish

What PlentyOfFish (Android, iOS) lacks in depth, it makes up for in breadth. This free dating app is one of the largest and most popular in the world, boasting more than 70 million members spanning the whole English-speaking world. Users set up a simple profile, including age, education and profession, then search through potential matches and message them. Compared to other dating apps, the profiles aren't as robust, but the sheer multitude of users makes the app well worth a look. Plenty of Fish keeps adding small tweaks to their apps, including Chat Heads for Android users, VoIP calling for premium users, and Instagram image uploads.

13. How About We

If you're looking for the ideal first date, give How About We (Android, iOS) a try? Rather than flicking through profiles, this dating app has you describing the kind of date you want to go out on, whether it's early morning coffee, jogging, pub crawling or karaoke. Users can then check out other people's date ideas, profiles and messages, and then head off to meet them offline. Users can set up a profile and date ideas for free, with a subscription tier adding extra features. How About We is continuously tinkering with the formula, with new features such as Today, which aims for quick, on-demand dates in 5 minutes.


14. Dattch

As Grindr is for men, Dattch is for lesbian, bi-sexual, and bi-curious women. This app offers a fun, fresh vibe for meeting other women to date or just other women to make friends with when you just moved to a new city. When you're feeling uncomfortable about chatting up other people, you can play the app's "Would You Rather" game to break the ice and meet other women who might suit your preferences.

posted Feb 11, 2016 by Abhay Dubey

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    • If that's the case, be sure the person is crushing on you and trying hard to appreciate things you post on Facebook

  2. They will hunt your oldest pictures on Facebook

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  3. They will poke you often

    • Poking may seem annoying, however lover girls and boys often use it for flirting. They often do it to appear in your notifications, a faster way to get noticed.

  4. The moment you appear online they (say Hello or Hey) will ping in your inbox.

  5. They are excited, if someone uses too many emoticons while chatting. It shows they want to chat with you.

    • Needless to say, they may be crushing on you in all likelihood. You have been warned

  6. They are willing learn more about you and they will initiate most online chats, and also stretch them longer

  7. His or her relationship status will be 'Single'

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  8. The moment you change your profile picture, you get a message

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  9. If your friend is shy, he/she won't confront you directly when you're online, but leave a message when you're offline.

    • This spares them from replying back to you instantly, in case you reply to them online.

  10. Once they know your interests, they will start posting status updates to grab your attention.

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Love ain't easy, fellas. 

Love ain't got a sign that it holds up when you've found "the one." Love also ain't got a sign that it holds up when you're effing everything up with "the one" and when it would be a good time to stop talking, jackass. Damn...I wish love had that sign. 

Fear not, fellas. Because while love's signs may not be blatant, they do exist. You just have to be paying attention. Like, when she orders you a bouquet of flower-shaped bacon. That's a sign. Or when she's willing to dress up as a fictional electric rodent from a cartoon made for 8-year-olds that your 25-year-old ass is still obsessed. That's also a sign.

Those are just a couple, but I promise you that after you've read all 16 of my signs, you'll be more confident than ever navigating the tricky world of lusting and loathing. Just remember: the trick to finding true love ultimately comes from you speaking less.

Cheers, fellas.

1. She's an active contributor to all your fetishes.

2. Waking up with a hangover to these.

3. Not sure if domestic violence or playful drunk fun. But it ended with bacon

4. When your girlfriend is "let me Snapchat him dad jokes" cool.

5. If she embraces you having explosive diarrhea at a moment's notice, she's a keeper.

6. I've never heard of a woman proposing to a man, but if it happens, it should be done like this.

7. If she makes sushi that looks like this, her sashimi is probably pretty fresh too.

8. Bouquet of bacon? Say no more.

9. The important detail here is that she went through all this trouble and still brought the pizza.

10. Say no more. I'll be right over.

11. She accepts you for who you are. And then still packs your lunch.

12. She's girlfriend material if this is her idea of an ideal Valentine's Day present.


Love can find you at whatever time and place. Adoration doesn't see which part of the world you are from. Like those fantastic romantic tales, same thing happened with a couple of our TV stars. For a couple, it was just a phase in their life and for the rest, an obligation. Here are a couple stars from the Indian TV industry that have been in a relationship with foreigners. 


1. Aly Goni and Natasa Stankovic 

For our Aly who featured in Ye Hai Mohabbatein, it was the Serbian woman Natasa Stankovic (the DJ Wale Babu woman) who stole his heart. However, in the wake of dating each other for a year, he recognized and conceded in a meeting with the principle day by day paper of India that it was troublesome in changing with the qualifications they had due to the social establishment. 


2. Kushal Tandon and Elena Boeva 

When they moved together in a condition of amicability to Bollywood tunes on Nach Baliye 5, Kushal and Elena took after a perfect couple, who enchanted each other. Therefore, it was dazzling news to their fans when they went separate courses in the wake of being voted out from the appear. 


3. Eijaz Khan and Natalie Di Luccio 

In a to a great degree Bollywood arranged way, Eijaz met Natalie at the plane terminal when he went to give back her lost travel grant. Shimmers took off and starting there onwards, the lovely multilingual craftsman from Canada has been with the colossal looking hunk Eijaz Khan. Besides, things go well, they may even get hitched in not all that removed future. 


4. Shama Sikander and Alexx O Neil 

After it was over amongst Alexx and Shweta, it was the perfect open door for the vivacious Shama Sikander, unmistakable as far as it matters for her as Pooja Mehta in Ye Meri Life Hai, to enter this present outsiders' life. In the wake of dating for pretty much four years, they went separate routes in the year 2014 and now Shama is merrily associated with James Milliron who is an American delegate.


They say, relational unions are made in paradise and performed on earth and softened up court. Undertakings in Bollywood are normal with celebs falling all through debates and connection ups which are dealt with as cool. Bollywood is not just been renowned for its genuine romantic tales additionally for its extravagant weddings which are gone to by the rich and well known. Lamentably, the last couple of years Bollywood has seen many breakups and separations where stars and couples neglected to accommodate their relational unions regardless of numerous endeavors. We convey to you a portion of the late Bollywood relational unions which shockingly finished in a partition or separation shaking the entire crew and fans world over. 



Arbaaz Khan – Malaika Arora 

The most recent Bollywood celeb couple to petition for a separation. The couple had met amid an espresso promotion years prior and in a flash experienced passionate feelings for after that. The both got hitched in 1998 and were really effective in their separate vocations. They have a child Arhaan who was conceived in 2002. Individual contrasts and Arbaaz's budgetary insecurity are being cited as the explanations behind their detachment. Supposedly the couple are in their compromise period under the watchful eye of the court stipends it legitimately. 


Farhan Akhtar – Adhuna Bhabani 

He was attempting to get an a dependable balance in heading and she was a beautician, Farhan and Adhuna met each other in 1999 and got hitched in 2000. Farhan turned into a major executive after the arrival of 'Dil Chahta Hai' and went ahead to direct and act in different movies as well. They had two little girls yet by one means or another the marriage went into disrepair as the couple reported their division in January 2016. The explanation behind their partition is being cited as Farhan's developing prevalence and closeness to his female co-stars. 


Chitrangada Singh - Jyoti Singh Randhawa 

Another tall tale marriage between golfer Jyoti Singh Randhawa and the wonderful Chitrangada Singh which occurred in 2001 however went into disrepair in 2014. The couple has a child named Zorawar whose authority is with Chitrangada. The explanation behind their division is being cited for the performer not ready to give quality time to the family and more bowed towards her vocation in Bollywood. 


Ranvir Shorey - Konkona Sen Sharma 

On-screen character Ranvir Shorey and Konkona Sen Sharma pursued for a long time before getting hitched in 2010. The couple's marriage hit absolute bottom when they chose to commonly go separate ways following five years of marriage because of incongruently. The couple has a five year old child Haroon. 


Hrithik Roshan - Sussanne Khan 

One of the best 'made for each other' picture impeccable couples of Bollywood who became hopelessly enamored and wedded in 2000, the year that made Hrithik an overnight star. The couple were conceded separate a year ago subsequent to putting in 14 years together. The purpose behind their partition is not known but rather it raised a great deal of eyebrows inside and outside the business. The couple has two children – Hrehaan and Hridhaan. 


Priyadarshan – Lissy 

Previous Mollywood on-screen character Lissy and executive Priyadarshan went separate ways in 2014 following 24 years of marriage. The chief's abnormal ways and claimed kinships were cited as the explanations behind the pair's separation. The couple have a child and a little girl. 


Karan Singh Grover – Jennifer Winget 

One of TV's ideal star couples met amid the shooting for the serial 'Dill Mill Gayye,' in 2007. Following a five year romance the couple got hitched in 2012 however was brief because of Karan's extramarital issues. The couple were separated 2014. Karan presently is allegedly dating performing artist Bipasha Basu. 


Om Puri – Nandita Puri 

Bollywood performing artist Om Puri's first marriage to Seema Kapoor finished in a separation. In this manner the performing artist wedded writer, Nandita Puri who likewise composed the on-screen characters history. Nandita petitioned for separation because of physical misuse and abusive behavior at home which came through early this year. The couple has a child Ishaan. 


Pooja Bhatt – Munish Makhija 

On-screen character turned executive Pooja Bhatt and TV host Munish Makhija wedded in Goa in 1997 on the arrangements of 'Paap'. In the wake of being hitched for a long time the couple chose to go separate ways for reasons best known not. Despite the fact that the couple are prone to cooperate following Munish is making music for Pooja's next film 'Supper club'. 


Anurag Kashyap - Kalki Koechlin 

Essayist executive Anurag Kashyap began to look all starry eyed at Kalki amid the making of his film 'DevD'. Both got hitched in 2011 however were in the long run conceded divorce in 2013 by going for an outside court settlement. 


Raghu Ram - Sugandha Garg 

Television host Raghu Ram and on-screen character Sugandha Garg who showed up in movies like 'Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na' and 'My Name Is Khan' were hitched for 10 long years before they threw in the towel and petitioned for separation which came through early this year. The pair, in any case, has kept up that their choice to go separate ways was common and because of absence of getting to know one another. 


Pulkit Samrat - Shweta Rohira 

The one year old marriage between up and coming on-screen character Pulkit Samrat and Shweta Rohira kept running into pained waters when it was accounted for that Shweta couldn't endure the strange methods for her performing artist spouse which prompted consistent battles. Pulkit's developing affection towards co-star Yami Gautam is being held as the purpose behind the couple's separation. 


Vikas Bahl - Richa Dubey 

"Ruler" executive Vikas Bahl and spouse Richa Dubey's marriage hit absolute bottom when it was uncovered that chief was dating film author, Chaitally Parmar. The couple who petitioned for separation in 2014 have been conceded separate as of late. 


Karisma Kapoor - Sunjay Kapur 

Performing artist Karisma Kapoor's marriage to Delhi based specialist Sunjay Kapur excessively went into disrepair. The couple who got hitched in 2003 couldn't get along because of Sunjay's casanova ways. In spite of the fact that the couple gave it another attempt yet floated separated lastly petitioned for separation in 2014. The divorce settlement that Karisma requested was supposed to associate with 7 crore. The twosome at last formally were allowed divorce by the court on thirteenth June, 2016 and not surprisingly Karisma got the youngsters' care.