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Bollywood films with twisted plots that explored the complex nature of the human psyche

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In truth, when one supposes Bollywood, they think hues, tunes and move and a bucketload of sentiment. Be that as it may, throughout the years, the horribly underrated Indian film industry has produced a progression of eminent mental thrillers as well, and today, I'd like to remind you exactly what an unbelievable occupation they did of taking us to the darkest corners of human presence.


1. Drishyam (2015)

Drishyam is the narrative of a father acting with regards to his little girl and a mother doing likewise for her child - all with the fierceness of lions. Notwithstanding who the guilty party was, our hearts went out to every guardian and all their defensive valor.


2. Highway (2014)

Alia Bhatt's execution as a hijacked youthful lady to-be who builds up an entirely genuine instance of Stockholm Syndrome is an intriguing new view on the human mind and how it plays out in a circumstance of saw peril.


3. Phobia (2016)

At long last somebody talks about agoraphobia and every one of its revulsions - in a genuine blood and guts movie. Radhika Apte's yet-to-be-discharged thriller is the narrative of a lady battling with the handicapping trepidation of open spaces while there's something appalling right inside her home and from the looks of it, it will abandon us truly shaken as well.


4. Karthik Calling Karthik (2010)

A splendid, twisty ride of a film about exactly how sleep deprivation can disturb each part of a man's life, Karthik Calling Karthik was one of the cooler turn endings we'd found in Bollywood for some time.


5. Kaun (1999)

The thriller that frightened every one of us shitless, 1999's Kaun was one of Bollywood's benchmarks to the extent murder thrillers went. Relatively few can deny this was a really dull representation of psychosis.


6. Bhool Bhulaiyaa (2007)

This redo of the Tamil superhit worked comparably well in Bollywood and it was all because of Vidya Balan's striking execution as the lady with dissociative personality issue. The rushes we got from the otherworldly like disarray that her condition made were what made the film.


7. Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya (2001)

This exemplary story of the crazed spurned significant other going to frightening lengths to win her man over, was yet another Urmila Matondkar triumph.


8. Deewangee (2002)

A split-identity issue that got a man free for homicide or would it say it was? This adjustment of Primal Fear presented to us a crisp new thriller, as well as an intricate and critical execution by Ajay Devgn.


9. Darr (1993)

A man's persistent adoration for a lady swings to a fixation and the fixation turns rough. Darr gave us the shiver prompting, love-lorn lowlife and his catchphrase, "K-K-K-Kiran". Shah Rukh set the bar really high for the greater part of Bollywood's yearning psychos with this one.


10. No Smoking (2007)

Edgy to stop smoking to spare his marriage, a man looks for help at a recovery focus that ends up being controlled by an unhinged man, played by Paresh Rawal. A miscreant with whom you'd stopped smoking, yet you may leave a zombie.


11. Khamosh (1985)

On-screen characters playing anecdotal adaptations of themselves in a homicide riddle set inside the film business, Khamosh gave the motion picture goers a visit into the cryptic inside universe of silver screen.


12. Bas Ek Pal (2006)

The awful stories of Nikhil, Steve and Anamika left us suffocating in feeling and mulling over the erratic way of life. These characters were much the same as us, and what you're left believing is the means by which the occasions that unfolded in the film could transpire.


13. Ek Hasina Thi (2004)

The shiver instigating adventure of a wronged lady from being enamored to being deceived to at long last getting her retribution in the most grimly fulfilling of ways, Ek Hasina Thi was yet another Urmila gem.


14. Titli (2015)

Set in the gross underbelly of Delhi, Titli presented to us the tale of a family at the very least. The bent workings of a guardian youngster relationship, kin progression and marriage - they're all at their rawest and it made for awesome silver screen.


15. Zinda (2006)

A man hijacked and kept in confinement for a long time uninformed of what he did to merit this destiny, plotting his reprisal - Zinda is a nerve-wracking adventure of the routes in which the human personality associates with retaliation.


16. Ugly (2013)

A young lady disappears and separated from the exciting pursue for the guilty party, Ugly demonstrates to us the insane elements between the mind boggling characters of the film - in a way that may even have you overlook altogether about the hijacking in any case.


17. Ghajini (2008)

The Memento-motivated story of Sanjay Singhania losing his exquisite sweetheart and his transient memory on account of a heartless executioner, made for an essential (gracious, the incongruity) portrayal of the monstrous face of mankind.



18. Sangharsh (1999)

A really curved story, Sangharsh brought us Shankar Pandey - an infamous kid killer that as far as anyone knows relinquished them with a specific end goal to achieve everlasting life. He was pursued by a CBI learner and a scholarly who battle to convey his arrangements disintegrating to the ground.


19. Kahaani (2012)

An anticipation thriller around a pregnant lady looking for her missing spouse, Kahaani had one of the greatest astonishment endings in late film and stunned groups of onlookers everywhere throughout the nation.


20. Gupt (1997)

One of the principal movies in present day Bollywood to present to us a horrible female foe, Gupt was a way breaker. A great whodunnit, we spent the length of the film investigating the crazed inspirations of every character and the huge uncover toward the end got everybody.


21. Being Cyrus (2005)

A convoluted story about trust, Being Cyrus demonstrates to us the dim profundities of human ravenousness and how it influences our each cooperation, in the direst of ways. Saif Ali Khan gave us a striking execution as Cyrus that left most in the gathering of people riveted.


22. Aankhen (2002)

A wronged broker hoping to vindicate his embarrassment by coordinating a unimaginable theft to be pulled of by visually impaired men under coercion, Aankhen was a disclosure of a film.


23. Ek Ruka Hua Faisla (1986)

A court dramatization, Ek Ruka Hua Faisla played with the mind boggling elements of a guardian and tyke in light of the conceivable conviction of a kid for having wounded his dad to death. The consultations that prompt the last decision make for a fascinating examination of the human mind.


24. Hate Story (2012)

An arresting adventure of a remorselessly double-crossed lady's requital against the man capable, Hate Story was indisputably the counter sentiment film about the dim side of affection.


25. 3 Deewarein (2003)

3 Deewarein is a film around a narrative movie producer following the stories of three jail detainees on death column. During the time spent chipping away at her anticipate, the movie producer finds the general population underneath the convicts and also her own particular self.


26. 7 Khoon Maaf

This Priyanka Chopra thriller-show was roused from Ruskin Bond's Susanna's Seven Husbands and it went up against us a lady's voyage through an irregular number of relational unions - from wanting to useless to absolute injurious. No prizes for think about how the relational unions finished, however.

posted May 19, 2016 by Renita

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Imtiaz Ali has a place with the third sort of gathering, who has faith in introducing dreams and dreamlike encounters through genuine and relatable characters. The way Ali inquiries and showcases life complexities through his movies is bright. There is dependably a variable in his stories that you bring back with you and contemplate upon for quite a while.  Conceived and raised in a residential community, Imtiaz Ali experienced childhood in a domain of film darlings. As the chief advanced into school life, he began doing theater. His enthusiasm and abilities conveyed him to Mumbai and the visionary inside him constrained him to make movies that hovered around finding diverse implications of life. As the executive turns 45, we convey to you a rundown of his best works till date:


1. Tamasha 

Another stellar by Ali and Ranbir Kapoor is a year ago's film 'Tamasha'. A film for each one of those "mavericks" who give in their beginning and end to fit into the mold of the general public. "Tamasha" is an account of Ved who really lives in a universe of stories and dreams, however reality hits him hard and constrains him to carry on with a double life. Subtly, the film hit the right harmony among an era which is as yet thinking that its 'own, free' method for living their fantasies without trading off the solace of life. 


2. Highway 

Taking into account discovering one's actual belongingness and deserting the grasp of the general public, "Highway" was the narrative of Veera. A high society young lady having her offer of dull past is captured by a goon who has his offer of individual evil spirits to manage. How these two softened souls discover comfort up each different has been told wonderfully by Ali. Who could deal with the complexities of Stockholm disorder superior to anything Imtiaz Ali! 


3. Rockstar 

A skilled artist tries to discover his motivation and purposely gets his heart broken by a young lady who doesn't have a place with his general public. Keeping in mind the end goal to grasp himself and his ability, he loses himself in the affection for a young lady and consequently transforms into a broken man. "Rockstar" is the account of a radical and has passionate profundity just a broken soul could interface with. 


4. Socha Na Tha 

Imtiaz Ali's first film 'Socha Na Tha' resembled a new breath of air. Managing the idea of masterminded marriage, the film demonstrated the perplexity of adolescents who need to run with their own particular decisions and not settle with the guidelines set by the general public and guardians. Invigorating storyline, astonishing idea and keeping alive the topic of 'do what your heart says', Imtiaz made it a point to get perceived right with his first film. 


5. Love Aaj Kal 

Another out of the case film, 'Love Aaj Kal' managed the idea of separation and proceeding onward. How today's era is not altogether different from their guardian's era was delineated splendidly by Ali. He demonstrated regardless of how 'quick paced' and "unwind" Gen Y gets to be about the idea of affection, even they won't give up when they locate their 'ideal one'. Another film taking into account disarray and finding what truly matters, the idea got to be Imtiaz Ali's specialty after this film. 


It is possible that it's about discovering affection, motivation or oneself, Ali's works have dependably been about the spirit and longs for the hero. During an era when Bollywood is striking a harmony amongst business and workmanship movies, Ali has made his own particular specialty by being a producer of soul. 



 In bollywood there are a dozen horror-fiction narratives  that show us how awesome it would be to see into a tiger, snake, wombat or anything else that creeps the living lights out of everyone!  Here are top five of the creepiest, interesting  transformation that are burned into our psyche. 


Sridevi in Nagina

The quintessential love story - a human falls in love with an icchadhaari naagin and then continues to love her despite knowing her identity. But what is with the transformation! It is literally a snake's head superimposed on the actress's face! Granted, that we din't have the technology back when this movie was released to actually show a morphing on screen, but it was awesome  creative of cameraman.


Rahul Roy in Junoon

Before Rahul Roy came along with his macho tiger avatar, Indians had only seen people transform into naags and naagins. Naturally people were impressed, more so, because the filmmaker showed almost the entire transformation on screen!The sounds Rahul was making was awesome. We know that , it's very tough to turn into a tiger on a full moon night, but we all surprised that no other human in the area heard him wail! 


Mallika Sherawat in Hisss

In just a little over three minutes, this video will give you all the reasons why Hisss didn't work despite having views of miss Mallika's S!heravat. We're happy however that Bollywood's experiments with VFX are reaching some level!


Nani in Makkhi

It's not strictly a transformation or a Bollywood film, but it had to make the list!  The more interesting  fact is that the makkhi has a human girlfriend who is helping him exact revenge from the villain by developing fly-goggles for it and also giving it a needle as a weapon! There's even a fly-workout!


Akshay Kumar in Robot 2.0

The latest addition to crazy transformations is Akshay Kumar's crow avatar! We're hoping though that this one is a little less freaky and a little more sophisticated. His character is named Dr Richard, a scientist who reportedly turns into a crow after an experiment goes wrong. crazy failed experiment. 




They say you win a few and you lose a few. The year 2015 saw a mess of movies which held a great deal of guarantee and made a ton of buzz before its discharge yet failed out in the blink of an eye as they could scarcely hold the gathering of people's consideration. A few movies were over-built up and advertised forcefully yet turned duds because of low on substance. A few them could simply earn back the original investment however will go down as soggy squibs in the last investigation. Chiefs like R. Balki and Dibakar Banerjee who were relied upon to think of victors disillusioned their fans. We take a gander at ten such movies (overall accumulations) which were anxiously anticipated before discharge yet didn't go all the way leaving viewers frustrated. 


Shaandaar (Budget – 70 Crore, Grossed – 51 Crore) 

Vikas Bahl's directorial after the much fruitful 'Ruler', "Shaandaar" discharged amid Dushehra on 22nd October. Touted to be one of the costly movies of the year it just declined to take off. In spite of the fact that it got the matching of Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt surprisingly on screen, the science simply didn't work leaving the gatherings of people exposed.


Tevar (Budget – 85 Crore, Grossed – 56 Crore) 

The principal huge spending arrival of 2015 which opened on ninth January began off promisingly however couldn't maintain its run. A change of the Telugu hit 'Okkadu', Arjun Kapoor was combined with Sonakshi interestingly yet their science turned frosty. The main redeeming quality was Manoj Bajpai who put in a splendid execution as the enemy. 


Shamitabh (Budget – 25 Crore, Grossed – 22.46 Crore) 

R. Balki's Amitabh and Dhanush starrer which discharged on the sixth February was a non-starter from the very beginning. The thought was novel yet the screenplay went no place. Much was normal from the executive who gave us 'Cheeni Kum' and "Paa" yet passed up a major opportunity this time. 


Roy (Budget – 40 Crore, Grossed – 44.52 Crore) 

Discharged on thirteenth February, executive Vikramjit's anticipation show "Roy" pretty much made back the initial investment in the cinematic world. The film however had star esteem as Arjun Rampal and Ranbir Kapoor yet it exited viewers befuddled as they were not able choose on the off chance that it was a romantic tale or a tension show. The music fared superior to the film. 


Detective Byomkesh Bakshy (Budget – 35 Crore, Grossed – 36 Crore) 

A Yash Raj generation coordinated by recompense winning chief Dibakar Banerjee was discharged on third April. A considerable measure of consideration was given to its creation esteem than its substance. The groups of onlookers couldn't associate with Bengal's most loved imaginary criminologist. In any case a valiant exertion gone vain. 


Mr. X (Budget – 35 Crore, Grossed – 25 Crore) 

Vishesh Films 'Mr. X' had its most loved serial kisser, Emraan Hashmi assuming the title part of Mr. Undetectable which discharged on the seventeenth April. The film had just the same old thing new to offer aside from its embellishments and 3D vision. Another failure from the "Bhatt" creation house. 


Bombay Velvet (Budget – 120 Crore, Grossed – 31.85 Crore) 

Anurag Kashyap's retro interpretation of vintage Bombay was discharged on the fifteenth May which featured Ranbir Kapoor with Anushka Sharma interestingly. The generation qualities were better than average including the sets which gave a look of Mumbai of the 60's. 'Bombay Velvet' simply didn't have enough start to set the movies ablaze. A noteworthy frustration from the free thinker chief. 


All Is Well (Budget – 33 Crore, Grossed – 37.10 Crore) 

Umesh Shukla's second directorial after the fruitful 'Goodness! My God' had Rishi Kapoor, Abhishek Bachchan and Asin in the number one spot parts. Discharged on the 21st August, the flick was an 'enjoyment on the run' sort parody which was great in spots however didn't make the effect it was required to. 


Hero (Budget – 50 Crore, Grossed – 33.37 Crore) 

Subhash Ghai's clique change of 1983, "Hero" got discharged on eleventh September which presented the pair of Sooraj Pancholi and Athiya Shetty. Co-delivered by Salman Khan, the film neglected to snatch any eye-balls as the gatherings of people liked to return to the Jackie-Meenakshi starrer at the end of the day. 


Katti Batti (Budget – 40 Crore, Grossed – 24.41 Crore) 

Nikhil Advani's interpretation of live-in relationship discharged on the eighteenth September was a moderate starter yet came up short on gas as the group of onlookers didn't discover anything novel in the script. The blending of Imran Khan and Kangana managed to get a couple snickers however wasn't sufficient to rake in the moolah for its makers. 



These Bollywood performing artists made colossal sprinkles in cine-hovers with their shaking debuts as onscreen couples!


1. Rishi Kapoor and Dimple Kapadia in Bobby – 1973

Raj Kapoor dispatched his most youthful child, Rishi, as the main man, in the 1973 romantic tale, Bobby. He presented a crisp face close by his child, in the film – Dimple Kapadia. The performer's new and flawless looks enchanted the motion picture goes, thus did the new blending of Rishi and Dimple. The two looked cute on the wide screen together. The film stays to be their vocations' greatest hit ever! While Dimple's excellence enchanted the then whiz, Rajesh Khanna, and he wedded her even before the film discharged, Rishi's beguiling identity landed him the tag of the chocolate legend, which he lived with all through his young days in movies. In spite of the fact that Kapoor and Kapadia met up again in Saagar, Bobby's prosperity was supreme!


2. Kumar Gaurav and Vijayta Pandit in Love Story – 1981

This remarkable jodi of the then newcomers, Kumar Gaurav and Vijayta Pandit, warmed the cockles of our souls with their delightful harmony. Their guiltlessness and power won our hearts, undoubtedly! Their greatest blockbuster ever, Love Story is still associated with their charming science.


3. Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh in Betaab – 1983

Movie producer Rahul Rawail's Betaab was likewise a romantic tale that presented Sunny Deol and Amrita Singh in the business. Youthful and crisp, the team took the silver screen aflame with their shaking, crackling science. A normal adoration adventure of a rich young lady and a poor kid, Betaab was a runway hit once upon a time.


4. Rahul Roy and Anu Aggarwal in Aashiqui– 1990

The musical sentiment from the Bhatt industrial facility came and agreed! The film's music, every single melody, took the country by contend tempest, and still sounds as crisp and sentimental even today as it did decades prior! Aashiqui was the romantic tale of two youthful sweethearts, played by Rahul Roy and Anu Aggarwal. They both opened their Bollywood accounts with the sentiment adventure. The film was a blockbuster, transforming the two into national sensations overnight. Rahul and Anu couldn't rehash the history however. Their different undertakings neglected to do magic on us.


5. Hrithik Roshan and Ameesha Patel in Kaho Na.. Pyaar Hai– 2000


What could have been Kareena Kapoor's huge starting in Bollywood, wound up Ameesha Patel's chance! The on-screen character was combined inverse Hrithik Roshan, in movie producer Rakesh Roshan's sentiment show, Kaho Na.. Pyaar Hai, after Bebo left it. Anyway, Hrithik and Ameesha shook the 70 MM screen with their great introduction in the Hindi film industry. The film set the trade registers jingling out a gigantic way, and went ahead to make a few records and drink up numerous honors. It even made it to the Limca Book Of Records for getting most extreme number of recompenses ever!



Bollywood has given all of us numerous huge minutes in our adolescence, from epic tunes to hairdos to persuasive discoursed. Bollywood characterizes each Indian's life, resists each rationale, and makes life appear to be more doubtful than it really is. 

Inside all these important minutes are some epic exchanges, that we as a whole say now and again, to pass our day.

you must have surely used Sunny paaji’s dialogue, ‘Ye dhaai kilo ka haath jab uth jaata hai na, tab aadmi uth nahi, uth jaata hai’, at least once in your life!


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