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What is Excise & Service Tax? What is the difference?

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What is Excise & Service Tax? What is the difference?
posted Jun 15, 2017 by Deepika Jain

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1 Answer

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Excise tax is an indirect tax that is imposed on the manufacture, sale or use on certain types of goods and products. Excise taxes are generally imposed on goods such as cigarettes or alcohol, also in the price of an activity such as gambling. Excise taxes may be imposed by both Federal and state authorities.

Service tax is an indirect tax imposed by the government on service providers on certain service transactions, but is actually paid by the customers. Services provided by air-conditioned restaurants and short term accommodation provided by hotels, inns, etc are included in the taxable services.

The major difference between excise tax and service tax is that excise tax is charged on manufactured goods and sales tax is imposed on certain services provided.

answer Jun 15, 2017 by Babita Thawani
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