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How do I generate leads for an SEO business?

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How do I generate leads for an SEO business?
posted Apr 6, 2018 by Naveen Kumar

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1 Answer

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It not common for businesses to look for new ways to generate leads. Here are some possible ways, but they are not limited to online SEO Businesses. These methods can/may apply to all other forms of online and offline businesses.

Cold Calling

This is the one, which never goes out of fashion. Find out and make a list of the people running an online business in your area and approach them for your services.

Note: While cold calling, do not try to sell your services directly. Instead of pushing your services, try to maintain a tone, which should sound like you want to help them out and add value to their company and always give them a bigger picture to scale up their businesses.

Email Cold Calling

If you feel uncomfortable on the phone, you can try cold emailing, which lets you introduce your brand in a modest way without being too pushy. The same rule applies here, don’t go overboard with the sales pitch. Just show the value.

Speaking At Events

Establishing authority in a field is important for anyone trying to enter an industry. Speaking at conference or event, lets people realize that you are knowledgeable and expert in the field and they can easily trust you for their businesses.


Networking is a long-term process, which develops by attending different seminars, events, start-ups-events and business conferences. Statistics prove that relationships built by networking ma ay last whole life.

Content Marketing

This is the unintended way of getting clients. What you can do is, build trust and integrity with your readers by proa viding them regular dose of posts including informative and promotional. Content Marketing is more about just giving value to people to the point, where they start addressing you for their core business problems. Unlike other forms of marketing, money spent on Content Marketing brings a lot more value in the long term.

Free resources

This is the one for the audience, who wants to be knowledgeable enough before making any purchase decision. Therefore, by providing them detailed free resources, you can attract potential customers. Give value in advance, expect nothing in return. Sales will follow.

Showcasing Case studies

By showcasing case studies of your past clients will help the new clients to convert. Case study turns your product into customers, create helpful resources for sale, creates a peer to peer influence and discover your brand's evangelists. Here is a case study, which shows 158% Boost in Organic Traffic Due to the Link cleanup and Enterprise SEO Strategy. I am sure this Case Study alone has been the reason for many new clients, apart from other marketing efforts.

Affiliate Marketing

"An Internet-based system where affiliates get paid for referring sales or customers to another business." You can get a good number of clients by rewarding affiliates for every new sale.

Referral program

Gaining referrals is by far the best way to success new business. But, before jumping right into the referral process, you need to have a concrete referral strategy to ensure that customers refer new business to you.

PPC Campaigns

PPC campaigns have the most higher conversion rate than any other method because you only pay when an interested person clicks on your advertisements. Even though these marketing campaigns yield high results, it is never a good idea to indulge in such tactics without expert help. Get connected with a PPC Expert who will help you get better return from your investments, without breaking the bank.

answer Apr 10, 2018 by Shantanu Arora