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Why are many startups failing in India?

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Why are many startups failing in India?
posted Feb 2, 2018 by Vijay

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1 Answer

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Life as an entrepreneur is authentically tough in India because people here keep judging you all the time. Now Entrepreneurs might be everybody’s favorite heroes in West but in India, the scene is entirely different.
The trepidation of immediate future eradicates the entrepreneurial spirit of most. Reasons for failure apart from this are :

1.Lack of incubation centers even in top-tier colleges.
2.Improper Government policy in terms of funding, taxation.
3.Lack of proper mentors and channels to reach them.

You can't have investors funding on-campus startups so there has to be
funds from college administration and Government of the land for accelerating on-campus startups and encouraging campus graduates to work upon ideas and start-ups instead of taking a regular job.

answer Feb 5, 2018 by Sanam