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What is the difference in an angel network and an angel fund?

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What is the difference in an angel network and an angel fund?
posted Jan 9, 2018 by Deepika Jain

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1 Answer

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Both Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists will hold private equity from having made investments directly into private companies.

However Business Angel Investors will be individuals, often successful business people, who are investing their own personal funds into a potentially rewarding business opportunity. Whereas Venture Capital is invested by firms or companies that use other people's money. They raise that money by offering investors a chance to take part in a fund that is then used to buy shares in a private company.

The fact that business angels are using their own money and venture capitalists are using other people's affects their capacity for risk and of course an individual angel investor doesn't have as much to invest as a venture capital firm. The main characteristics of each are:

Business Angel Investor
- An individual investor
- May be willing to invest in early-stage or start-up businesses, as well as established companies
- Investment amounts: £10k - £100k, sometimes a bit more, groups could go up to £1m
- Have experience and contacts to contribute
- May be willing to be "hands-off" or "hands-on" adding important skills
Venture Capital
- A company or business rather than an individual
- Seldom interested in early-stage, unless compelling reasons (eg. high tech with already successful founders)
Investment amounts: £1M +
- Have contacts
- Require seat on board

Generally if the business is at an early stage then Business Angels are the most likely source of funding. Venture Capital firms may come on board at a later stage when the concept is proven and initial revenues obtained in order to more quickly expand the company.

answer Jan 10, 2018 by Durga Prasad