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What are the finer points in the implementation of the bill?

+1 vote
What are the finer points in the implementation of the bill?
posted Nov 20, 2017 by Niharika Singh

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1 Answer

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Several committees were setup to evaluate the feasibility and implementation of the GST. Some fine points which were considered are:

  1. The problem of separating the taxation powers of the state and the centre which resulted in CGST and SGST.
  2. Exemptions from the GST which currently includes Petroleum and Liquor for human consumption.
  3. GST will be applicable on imports too along with the Basic Customs Duty which has not been scrapped.
  4. The GST will be applicable at the point of sale. In comparison the Value Added Tax is a destination based tax while excise duties are taxed at the origin.
  5. The workings in the implementation of IGST.
answer Nov 21, 2017 by Reshmi S
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