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How to get GSTN registration cancelled?

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I was registered in service tax, then got registered in GSTN in June-2017. However, as per GST rules, GSTN registration is non-mandatory if annual turnover is below 20 Lakh. My turnover is 10 Lakh and registered in same State (both service receiver and providers are in same State). Please, guide me setp-by-step procedure for cancelling the GSTN registration. Also, let me know cancellation will be an online process or through fill a specific form?

posted Sep 28, 2017 by Ananya Saha

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1 Answer

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Cancellation by the registered person himself

A registered GST person can himself/herself cancel their registration in one of the following conditions:

  • If your turnover is not more than 20 lakh and you have registered on the portal, but you do not want to file the return. Then, you should get it deactivated asap, otherwise, you may receive a tax notice from the government.

  • If your business has been discontinued.

  • The business has been sold or transferred to some other party. That other party needs to register under GST.

  • If the person or business is no longer liable for GST registration. (Like if the registration threshold is increased later by the government and you get out from its cover).

answer Oct 5, 2017 by Sumeet Vyas