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How to forward the proposal for making Overseas Direct Investment (ODI) under approval route?

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How to forward the proposal for making Overseas Direct Investment (ODI) under approval route?
posted Jul 26, 2017 by Sagar Sharma

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1 Answer

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The applicant should approach their designated Authorized Dealer (AD) with the proposal which shall be submitted to Reserve Bank after due scrutiny and with the specific recommendations of the designated AD bank along with supporting documents (as mentioned below) to the following address:
The Chief General Manager,
Reserve Bank of India,
Foreign Exchange Department,
Overseas Investment Division,
Amar Building, 5th Floor,
Sir P. M. Road, Fort,
Mumbai 400001.
The designated AD before forwarding the proposal should submit the Form ODI in the on-line OID application under approval route and the transaction number generated by the application should be mentioned in the letter.
In case the proposal is approved, the AD bank should effect the remittance under advice to Reserve Bank so that the UIN is allotted.
For approval by Reserve Bank, following documents need to be submitted along with Section D and Section E of From ODI - Part I by the designated Authorized Dealer:
a) A letter from the designated AD of the IP in a sealed cover mentioning the following details:
• Transaction number generated by the OID application.
• Brief details of the Indian entity.
• Brief details of the overseas entity.
• Background of the proposal, if any.
• Brief details of the transaction.
• Reason/s for seeking approval mentioning the extant FEMA provisions.
• Observations of the designated AD bank with respect to the following:
• Prima facie viability of the JV/ WOS outside India;
• Contribution to external trade and other benefits which will accrue to India through such investment;
• Financial position and business track record of the IP and the foreign entity;
• Expertise and experience of the IP in the same or related line of activity of the JV/ WOS outside India.
• Recommendations of the designated AD bank.
b) A letter from the IP addressed to the designated AD bank.
c) Board resolution for the proposed transaction/s.
d) Diagrammatic representation of the organisational structure indicating all the subsidiaries of the IP horizontally and vertically with their stake (direct & indirect) and status (whether operating company or SPV).
e) Incorporation certificate and the valuation certificate for the overseas entity (if applicable).
f) Other relevant documents properly numbered, indexed and flagged.

answer Jul 28, 2017 by Reshmi S
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