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What are the methods of online generation Draft challan for the payment of taxes in India?

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What are the methods of online generation Draft challan for the payment of taxes in India?
posted Jul 1, 2017 by Reshmi S

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1 Answer

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. The methods of online generation of draft challans are as follows---

a) By Registered tax payer or his authorized person by logging on to GSTN Common Portal where basic details (such as name, address, email, mobile no. and GSTIN) of the tax payer will be auto populated in the challan;
b) By authorized representatives of tax payers by logging on to the GSTN Common Portal where after the list of registered axpayers represented by him will be displayed. He can select any tax payer on whose behalf he proposes to pay GST and challan details for such tax payer will be auto populated;
c) By grant of temporary Registration number by any one Tax authority on GSTN Common Portal which can be used by both the tax authorities for facilitating tax payments on behalf of an unregistered person. Such a situation can arise during enforcement action by a tax authority and this temporary registration can be later converted into a regular registration number (GSTIN) if the tax payer has a regular GST liability to discharge after the enforcement action.
d) By creation of a challan without requirement of USER ID and Password, for enabling payment of GST by a registered or an unregistered person on behalf of a taxpayer as per the directions of the tax authority using the GSTIN (like the present provision under Service tax).

answer Jul 3, 2017 by Danial Rotwaski
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