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How can I stop someone from misusing my logo or brand name?

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How can I stop someone from misusing my logo or brand name?
posted Mar 24, 2016 by Chetan Hindu

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2 Answers

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If your brand name is registered then the remedy of infringement can be initiated to restrain misuse by third party. If trademark is pending then common law action of passing off can be initiated for prohibiting unauthorized use.
The reliefs that the Trademark Law provides in case of infringement or passing off are permanent and interim injunction, damages, accounts for profit, delivery of infringing goods.

Generally on discovering trademark misuse, trademark holders also send Cease & Desist notice to the infringer. Sending of Cease & Desist notice is most often sought as a means of restraining misuse of trademark as it is cost-effective and a milder form enforcing trademark rights against the infringer.

answer Jun 12, 2017 by Tanmay
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Before diving into a lawsuit, you need to determine if a problem truly exists.If you believe that the other name is being used in your same geographic region, then you should take action.Contact an attorney specializing in trademark law.Trademark issues typically begin by sending a cease-and-desist letter to the infringing business and demanding that they stop using your mark. If the alleged infringer continues to use your trademark after receiving your letter, the next course of action is filing a lawsuit in federal court.

answer Sep 16, 2017 by Jasmine189
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