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Satellite LTE Simulation?

+1 vote

I am doing doctorate on Satellite LTE. I wish to simulate the LTE scenario using GEO satellite first and then with the LEO environment. So far I have been using LTE-Sim. This works for the terrestrial case but when a delay of 500 msec (GEO case) or 25 msec (LEO case) is introduced the simulator just sleeps and does not kick off at all. Is there an equivalent Matlab code available for LTE and how do I introduce the satellite component to simulate all the satellite features?

Can someone advise me on all the aspects I asked?

posted Aug 28, 2015 by anonymous

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I need help in MATLAB coding. I am working on resource allocation in LTE. Can someone help me in coding. I am not getting a point how to allocate resource blocks to the user at downlink and what parameters should I consider.
If I am having system BW 15 MHz, the number of resource blocks will be 75. I have 25 small cells and random user. Now I have to allocate these resource blocks among small cell users.

Kindly help me how should I code?

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