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How to get DOS Full screen on W-XP Guest when using Virtual Box

–1 vote

I found a problem at this moment. I need to get full screen mode when run D.O.S. on a Windows XP Guest. I hit "Alt + Enter" and go to full screen but this screen no cover all the window. This happend on both
method conecctions, i say, over RDP or running directly from my Ubuntu Destkop Box.
This full screen looks like a 50% of the windows and centered.

Can i get a really full screen ?

posted Aug 8, 2013 by Jai Prakash

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2 Answers

+1 vote

This is a very, VERY dump way, but i think if you lower the resolution of your screen to match the resolution used by windows in text mode, you'll get full screen =)

Switching to maximized scale mode works more or less..

answer Aug 8, 2013 by Meenal Mishra
I know DOS on full Screen don't work on a RDP Session over a  non-virtualized environment. But here we are working with a virtual  machine and this does not happened.

Make a try:
1. Hit "WIndows Key + R "
2. cmd.exe (hit enter)
3. Hit "ALT + Enter"

When you run on VBox over Desktop this works OK! but when you run on a  RDP Session you will get the windows on full screen but the real windows cover only the 50% of the full screen.
+1 vote

Getting a real DOS screen is very much impossible those days, as LCD monitors are wide-screen and has hardware pixels, and DOS was built for 4:3 aspect ratio and requires hardware text (80x25). Theoretically DOS emulation in vbox can be improved to approximate things better, if someone is willing to work.

The closest I was able to achieve is with a DOS emulator, DOSbox.

answer Aug 9, 2013 by Mandeep Sehgal
Is DOSbox a possible alternative for your application?
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