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looking for a PDF generator class/library for PHP 5?

0 votes

I'm looking into a good versatile PDF generator class/library to use with PHP 5? --- Preferably one which is maintained somewhat recently...

Mostly needed for basic pages, but I also have some longer reports (more than one 8.5" x 11" page) and it would be nice if the pdf was able to split it up without losing part of the font when crossing page boundaries etc...

posted May 18, 2013 by anonymous

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2 Answers

0 votes

Try DOMPDF , is a powerful conversor from HTML/CSS to PDF.

answer May 18, 2013 by anonymous
0 votes

tcpdf is a good choice

answer May 18, 2013 by anonymous
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There are many examples on the net - The problem is that commenters often have issues with the code, and as a beginner in this area - these issues are sometimes over my head and it would be best for me if someone could recommend a good working standard model to start.


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I have a question about using a php user class and session variables. Let's say that I have managed to create a user class that finds a particular person from the database query.

As I move about the site from page to page it would be nice to be able to use the current user inside the user class without needing to re – look them up in the database multiple times

Q: so is there a way to combine the current active user in the class with session variables so that they can be used multiple times? If so, how would this work?