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LTE: How an eNodeB can be shared by multiple operators ?

+3 votes

What are all aspects need to be considered while enabling sharing ?

posted Aug 20, 2015 by Alok

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1 Answer

+1 vote

SIB1 is having the provision to send the primary PLMN (belongs to actual operator of the ENodeB) and list of PLMNs (belongs to other operators sharing the ENodB). UE will read the SIB1 and selects one PLNM which it belongs to and does the Attach procedue.

answer Aug 22, 2015 by Pradeep Kumar Nalla
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I understood the basics of MOCN through which same eNodeB is controlled/used by multiple operators. Is it possible to do on dynamic basis ? if yes then what all things need to be coordinated among operators to make it happen smoothly ?

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On what parameter basis, eNodeB changes its current transmission mode to different transmission mode for an UE ?
What parameters are considered to take decision on transmission mode ? Does the eNodeB inform to UE about the selected TM ?

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I was going through one article on topic "Multi Operator Core Network". I want to know when a cell is shared between two different operator then how does eNodeB MAC layer treats for users of both the operators. Can a eNodeB provide different level of priorities among users of different operators ?

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