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Getting lists back from struts

0 votes

I have encountered this issue a couple of times, always found a way to code around but now I really need to ask:

Can struts create lists/arrays (or whatever collection) when e.g. using

public class MyAction extends ActionSupport {
 public List getChoices() {
 public List getPreSelectedChoices() {
 // returns a list of Choice.getKey(), which is a String

 public class Choice {
 public String getKey() { ...}
 public String getDisplayName() { ... }

The selected values are sent to

public void setMyChoice(String myChoice){

correct? There is no way something like

public void setMyChoice(String[] myChoice){

works in struts?

If not, whats the common way to get the values back from the String myChoice? Use Split on it?

posted Aug 7, 2013 by Jagan Mishra

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1 Answer

+1 vote
answer Aug 7, 2013 by Abhay Kulkarni
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I am using the token session interceptor for a form and I have this situation:
1) I am in the form page;
2) I leave the form page;
3) Go back to the form page by the "back" button;
4) Submit the form;

And of course the form is not submitted and the token returns "invalid.token" but do not adds no actionError. It will not be interesting to add an action error?

Ok, I can resend to a page with a message but I already have a error page that presents the action errors when necessary.

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In the context of an tag, for instance for a login action, we previously always coded forms as :


And in the struts.xml we have been using :


This has worked in the past and allowed us to not only use the action="login" to target the execute method of the action, but also to build links to, for instance, login_checkStatus.action to target other, specific methods within the action. I am not sure this Is a common/best practice, I had no prior struts2 experience before joining this company and this is how a lot of the existing functionality is coded. (If this is wrong/there is a better way, please let me know)

Now randomly, this fails to generate the proper action url in the html (it is missing the '.action', which results in a 404 once you post the form)

The only workaround we have found so far is to add the '.action' suffix to the
s:form's action attribute. Before it was always added for us by struts.

So now we are having success with


I can only assume that this has been affected by the changes related to S2-015 and the wildcard action matching.

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I have been tasked with upgrading Apache Struts, running on CentOS 7, to the latest version. I have no idea where to begin. I am not a web developer, I am only a system administrator, so I have no idea where I should even look to figure out how to upgrade this thing. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!

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I have a very minimal struts app I wrote some years ago. I want to upgrade it from 2.3 to 2.5. I'm wondering what requirements would allow the use of the essential dependencies jar. I am using only jstl tags, no struts tags. And my app is pretty simple.

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