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How to enable double click copy option in Linux?

+1 vote

Ex: Previously when I double click on terminal then a particular word used to be copied and then on right click I can paste it wherever I want.

Can anybody please help me in enabling this feature?

posted Aug 7, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

+1 vote

I dont know your environment just making a guess, try to follow the following (assuming x terminal)

File .Xresources

XTerm*VT100.cutNewLine: false
XTerm*VT100.cutToBeginningOfLine: false
XTerm*VT100.charClass: 33:48,35:48,37:48,42:48,45-47:48,64:48,95:48,126:48

File .xinitrc

if [ -f $userresources ]; then
    /usr/X11/bin/xrdb -merge $userresources
answer Aug 8, 2015 by Salil Agrawal
Thanks Sir,

But when you say File .Xresources and File .xinitrc, What exactly it means?
I don't where this file will be present.
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I must copy a dir with some file with 'i' attribute set, but rsync (or cp) do not copy this attribute.

See this little example:

 # touch testfile
 # chattr +i testfile
 # rsync -aAX testfile testfile2
 # lsattr testfile*
 ----i---------- testfile
 --------------- testfile2

There is a way to copy all attribute?

+1 vote

In the early versions of Unix system implementation, when a process called the fork() system call. It creates a child process, which is a copy of the parent process and has the copy of parent data space, heap and stack in the separate memory and there is no sharing except the code or text segment between the child and parent process.

But in current implementations, when fork() system called by a process; it does not performs the complete copy of data space, heap and stack. Instead, a technique called copy-on-write is used. In which both parent and child share these same region but the protection have changed read only by the kernel. when child tries to write, a page fault error is generated (does not show in the user space). which is handled by the kernel and a copy of page copied into the child process address space by the kernel and marked as writable.

Now my doubt is, when a child process called fork() system call and grand children try to write or modify, how will it work??

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