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Please explain about sidelink in RRC (Not just what is mentioned in 36.331)

+2 votes

Can any one explain about Side link in RRC. Not just what is mentioned in 36.331
A clear explanation would be helpful.

posted Jul 29, 2015 by Yeshwanth

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I believe you are talking about the Sidelink shared/control channel which are used for Proximity Services (ProSe) to allow devices in close proximity to detect each other and to communicate directly with each other with the goal to reduce the network load, increase capacity in a given bandwidth and allow communication in areas without network coverage.

Please confirm if you are looking about the same so that it can be answered in detail.

However lookinto the following article for details

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" When RA-RNTI and either C-RNTI or SPS C-RNTI are assigned in the same subframe, UE is not required to decode a PDSCH indicated by a PDCCH with a CRC scrambled by C-RNTI or SPS C-RNTI. " .

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