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How can BlueDroid support switching between Audio Gateway role and Headset role for HSP?

+2 votes

BlueDroid supports HSP and HFP for only Audio Gateway role. I want to make a custom ROM so that my phone can also be a Bluetooth headset. Can someone roughly guide me how to do that?

posted Jul 27, 2015 by Jagan Mishra

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Hope you are doing well.
Did you solved the issue? I am facing the same problem as well.
If you could guide me in the correct direction that would be helpful.


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Does anyone know of a tool that could be used to control BTLE features (scan, connect, read characteristics etc) of the Bluedroid Bluetooth stack? Preferably a C application that is built and shipped together with the flashable image, so it can be used in android-based embedded systems that don't use Dalvik, but a Java App will also be useful.

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I want to know about BTA layer in Bluedroid architecture and how we can use it to issue hci commands. Also about the GKI and BTIF, implementations and what they are doing..?

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What is the current version of Bluedroid and if there is one where does it reside? As far as I can tell it is called 'Bluedroid for Android JB 4.2.2' but I was wondering was there an official version number for the Bluedroid stack? BlueZ was clearly labelled with a version number i.e. BlueZ 4.9.3

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Is Bluedroid support multi channel Serial Port Profile(SPP).If yes what is maximum number of SPP channels supported by the bludroid.

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Is it possible to create a tool to switch sim 1 and sim 2 , on and off separately. If possible with a timer?
I want my sim2 , business calls , shut down when workday is over and on when in start in the morning.