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When does static inner class get loaded into the JVM memory?

+2 votes

I was playing around some static inner class.

    package com.tutorial; 
    public class MyUpperClass {
        private MyUpperClass () {

        private static class MyStaticInnerClass{
                    private static final MyUpperClass muc = new MyUpperClass ();
        public static MyUpperClass getInstance() {
            return MyStaticInnerClass.muc;

Now, My question is, when does MystaticInnerClass get loaded into the JVM memory?
At the time of, when MyUpperClass get loaded or getInstance() get called?

posted Jul 26, 2015 by Prakash Singh

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When the class gets loaded is just an implementation detail; you want to know when the class is initialized. It will get initialized only when it is first needed, and that is when you call getInstance(). I hope it will clarify the doubt :)

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