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Domain Name not working on localhost

0 votes

I have a home server set up with a couple of things going on. Here is the weird thing that I can't figure out. I can access everything just fine from an INTERNET connection external to my LAN using my domain name, let's say "". So, if I type into my browser on my LAN "", it searches without actually finding it's destination giving up after a period of time saying the server cannot be found (usually an error 408).
But, if I type on my mobile phone browser using my data connection (not on the LAN), it connects without a hitch and everything functions fine. I have done this set up before at a different home, but since I moved, I have come across this problem and either don't remember having this happen before or don't remember what I did to resolve it. Also, I changed ISP and that seemed to be the beginning of the problem. I set up my port forwards and checked my firewalls on the router. I looked on google and couldn't find anything specific to my problem. Everything I have read in the user documentation for apache seems to be set up correctly. I guess my question is what do I not know that I should know to be looking for. :-/
Could some one direct me as to what I should look for?

posted Aug 5, 2013 by Majula Joshi

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1 Answer

0 votes

Most likely your (new) ISP is not set up to route traffic out and then back in again.

Instead, on your client set up a hosts file entry with the private IP address of the server on your LAN and you should be fine.

answer Aug 5, 2013 by Deepankar Dubey
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