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Why 1536 point size FFT for 15 MHz in LTE?

+3 votes

Why we use 1536 point FFT for 15 MHz bandwidth, when we can use 1024 point FFT, as in bandwidth of 15 MHz we have only 900 subcarriers.

posted Jul 20, 2015 by anonymous

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I have asked this at LTEUNIVERSITY but no luck -

I'm confused with FFT size and number of occupied sub carrier in LTE,
enter image description here

I can understand relation between sampling rate and FFT. But In my understanding, the number of frequency that we can get from FFT/DFT operation is only half of FFT size, for example NFFT 1024 can only analyze 512 frequency, SO, why in these LTE standard, for example 10 MHz bandwidth LTE which is have 600 sub carrier can use 1024 FFT since 1024 FFT only able to analyze 512 frequency.

Appreciate your help .

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for 3MHZ it is 320 which is not the power of 2 and for 15 its 1536 again which is not the power of 2

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