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How we can send mail with attachment in Python?

+2 votes

How we can send mail with attachment in Python? Is it any prerequisite for it?

posted Jul 19, 2015 by Amit Kumar Pandey

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You could use your favourite search engine to look this up. Or you could poke around with the Python standard library and see if anything looks promising:

Hint: There is something there.

2 Answers

+2 votes

Python's email moudle:

is useful for creating emails. And Python's smtplib module:

is useful for sending them.

answer Jul 20, 2015 by anonymous
+1 vote

You look at the "email" package to build the message and the "smtplib" package to send the message -
both are part of Python's runtime library and documented in its documentation.

Note that you need access to an "smtp" server (aka "mail server"). It ensures in cooperation with other "smtp" servers the distribution of your email around the world. Access to an "smtp" server is a non-Python issue.

answer Jul 20, 2015 by anonymous
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