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PLMN selection at UE side and Netwrok side. Difference between HPLMN and EHPLMN

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PLMN selection at UE side USIM wil be there, Netwrok side what type of IE will be there and what is the Difference between HPLMN and EHPLMN.

posted Aug 5, 2013 by Giri Prasad

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Equivalent HPLMN: To allow provision for multiple HPLMN. This list is stored on the USIM and is known as the EHPLMN list. The EHPLMN list may also contain the HPLMN code derived from the IMSI.

Not clear about first part of the question, can you be more specific about the context.
My doubt is during PLMN selection UE side is USIM will be thr and in case of Network side what type of IE will be thr?
EHPLMN will be used if it is there (it should contain the HPLMN as the highest priority). If EHPLMN is not present or if it is empty, HPLMN is derived from the IMSI. There is no network side IE for PLMN selection.

1 Answer

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USIM (User Subscriber Identity Module) is the database at user end which can have operator information, their supported bands and lot of other information.

So if i am putting the same logic on your query it would be HSS at operator (Network) side where it has stored all the related info.

Now if i come to your first query:
Home Public Land Mobile Network
Equivalent Home Public Land Mobile Network

As per 3GPP spec ( 24.301) -Page 53 ), The UE shall store a list of equivalent PLMNs for PLMN Selection & cell Selection/Reselection when UE is Switch-Off .

Suppose Your default sim is Vodafone (i.e. your Home PLMN) but when you go to some other places where Vodafone network is not there but operators have consent their business deal and Other network like Idea is there and you are latching on IDEA network, On that time your IDEA will be your EPLMN.

answer Mar 11, 2014 by Hiteshwar Thakur
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