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What are the various states of a process?

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What are the various states of a process?
posted Jul 13, 2015 by anonymous

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1 Answer

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A process which is Executed by the Process have various States, the State of the Process is also called as the Status of the process, The Status includes whether the Process has Executed or Whether the process is Waiting for Some input and output from the user and whether the Process is Waiting for the CPU to Run the Program after the Completion of the Process.

The various States of the Process are as Followings:

enter image description here

1) New State :

When a user request for a Service from the System , then the System will first initialize the process or the System will call it an initial Process . So Every new Operation which is Requested to the System is known as the New Born Process.

2) Running State :

When the Process is Running under the CPU, or When the Program is Executed by the CPU , then this is called as the Running process and when a process is Running then this will also provides us Some Outputs on the Screen.

3) Waiting :

When a Process is Waiting for Some Input and Output Operations then this is called as the Waiting State. And in this process is not under the Execution instead the Process is Stored out of Memory and when the user will provide the input then this will Again be on ready State.

4) Ready State :

When the Process is Ready to Execute but he is waiting for the CPU to Execute then this is called as the Ready State. After the Completion of the Input and outputs the Process will be on Ready State means the Process will Wait for the Processor to Execute.

5) Terminated State :

After the Completion of the Process , the Process will be Automatically terminated by the CPU . So this is also called as the Terminated State of the Process. After Executing the Whole Process the Processor will Also deallocate the Memory which is allocated to the Process. So this is called as the Terminated Process.

As we know that there are many processes those are running at a Time, this is not true. A processor can execute only one Process at a Time. There are the various States of the Processes those determined which Process will be executed. The Processor will Execute all the processes by using the States of the Processes, the Processes those are on the Waiting State will not be executed and CPU will Also divides his time for Execution if there are Many Processes those are Ready to Execute.

When a Process Change his State from one State to Another, then this is also called as the Process State Transition. In this a Running Process may goes on Wait and a ready Process may goes on the Wait State and the Wait State can be goes on the Running State.

answer Jul 14, 2015 by Manikandan J