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Disable Kernel Screen Blanker

+1 vote

I'm trying to turn off the kernel screen blanker that shuts off the video after about 10 minutes of inactivity at the keyboard. After extensive googling I've found two ways to *NOT* do it.

In my home .xinitrc

setterm -blank 0 -powersave off -powerdown 0
xset s off

In /etc/rc.local    
/usr/bin/setterm -powersave off -blank 0

I've tried both to no effect. Of course I've turned off the screen saver in the Gnome desktop.

How do I stop this machine from blanking the screen with no activity? I want video full time! I know someone is going to ask, "Why do you want to do that?", so to save you from asking.

  1. I'm setting up a kiosk that customers can use interactively. It's not very inviting to passers by when the screen is blank.
  2. I want to watch movies and Skype without having to poke the mouse all the time.
  3. My monitor is very unhappy when the video signal is cut off.
posted Aug 4, 2013 by Meenal Mishra

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Try gnome-power-preferences.

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In CentOS 5.10, if I have, say, an X terminal window up on my screen, the next time I log in, it's there when I log in as an unprivileged user.

That's because I can save the layout the way I want to; there's a checkbox for it to save the layout upon exiting.

I see none for CentOS 6.5. So, my X-terminal isn't there when I log in each time.

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on OpenBSD if you put ddb.panic=0 into /etc/sysctl.conf, the server won't drop into debugger on kernel panic. Is there a similar setting for CentOS 6.4 / 64 bit?

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I have a problem with older version of anaconda linux installer. I have upgraded kernel in my distro, but, when this anaconda boot with new 3.4.52 kernel, can NOT find cdrom. As far as I understand, this is because the new kernel recognize cd drive as srX, scdX instead of older hdX with 2.6.18. At the moment I can not upgrade anaconda and forced this kernel to recognize it as before.

Are there any kernel command line argument, kernel config or something else for kernel 3.4.52 to recognize this cdrom as hdX?

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I installed today and had some boot issues.

After rebooting, the system locked immediately after the Asus motherboard logo. I thought at first that it was a hardware issue because it didn't appear that grub even loaded. I wasn't even able to get into the BIOS to change the boot order so it appeared that it was a hardware issue. I reset the MB BIOS and rebooted, which allowed me to get into the BIOS. Everything looked normal. I then tried to boot and the same issue. I repeated the BIOS clear and this time got to grub and let it load the latest kernel (2.6.32-358.14.1.el6). It hung again. I repeated the BIOS clear, go to the grub screen, selected the previous kernel and everything was fine.

Once I got to the OS, I removed the "rhgb quiet" from grub.conf from the newest kernel. Rebooted. Hung again immediately after loading. The weird thing is that I couldn't just power down and get back to grub; I
had to clear the BIOS again before I could even load grub to select the previous kernel.

Anyone else experiencing issues with the latest kernel? Any idea why it seems to even corrupt the BIOS?